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Elements Of A Bra That Makes It A Hit

The fondness for a bra doesn’t come naturally. You’ve encountered bras that don’t fit well or perhaps after a while gets tacky, well we know how it feels. Not much wizardry comes into place in order to find a good bra. 

Sometimes we tend to ignore the red flags- oh yes, bras have them too, but the consequence accounts for the money you just wasted. Widen your knowledge of what makes a bra a desirable part of your lingerie which cannot be replaced whatsoever. 

It all starts with a curated list for easy bra shopping!

Bra Size- Crucial!

You know the cardinal rule to find your bra size- measure over your bust & under your bust to find the exact measurement. This way you’ll know what to get when you’re shopping for a bra online. The second thing you should take into consideration is that once you receive your bra, wear it and see if it’s snug or tight. When a bra is tight, your side bust will be bulgy, making it less convenient for you to wear. 

Comfort- Essential!

With the right size locked, see if the band isn’t digging into your skin. You gotta wear a bra to protect modesty as well as support your assets, but it shouldn’t be hurting you considering you’ll be wearing a bra all day long. Any flaw in a bra, especially taming your comfort is a bra that’ll never see a day of light again. 

Design- Of Course!

With exceptional styles & designs available, looking like a graceful woman while it helps elevate your confidence altogether. Pick from a range of prints, colours or even intricate patterns to suffice your fashion buds. Upgrade now, ladies!

Fabric- Definitely!

Comfort is enhanced with the right choice of fabric. Be it luxurious lace or stretchable cotton spandex, bras feel just right with the right fabric. Clovia’s premium fabric collection is an easy pick you should go for, any time!

No-Poke Zone- Please!

A pokey bra is a turn down- yes, it is! Pokey bras are equivalent to elaichi in kheer, which we don’t like right. A good quality bra will ensure your expectations is above all parameters and won’t cause any discomfort. 

Clovia’s bra collection is the epitome of looks and comfort, ticking all the points enlisted, and making them a must-have. The affordable price range and the sturdy fit is an exemplary choice you should make. Explore the range and get a perfect match for yourself.

Appeal magnifies when the elements all tie up and with bras, there are several pointers you should take into consideration. It’s never too late to know the bra basics ‘cause you learn from your mistakes, right? Go all in and find a bra that suits your style. 

Gursimran Kaur

Gursimran Kaur

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