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First Time Wearing a Thong Bikini, 38 Years Old

Hey my name is Sharon Williams; I turned 38 just before this vacation in 2019. It was truly an amazing time with all kinds of fun surprises and experiences including me trying a thong bikini for the first time and I don’t mean thong underwear.

Loving My Life 38 Years Old Wearing Thong On Vacation

I was lying on the beach watching all these women stroll by in their cheeky bikinis, and I even caught my husband taking a second look LOL, not that I really care because I do point out good looking women to him sometimes just to watch him squirm.

This story is not really all that exciting to be honest. I simply noticed that the thong bikinis seemed interesting to my husband so off I went to the little store in the lobby of the resort, tried on a couple of thongs, chose a striped and a floral print one and off I went back to the room. Put on the thong bikini and off I went back to the beach with a couple of drinks in hand.

Sunburned My Butt Thirty Eight Wearing Thong Bikini For The First Time

Now of course there was a little bit of anxiety involved not unmanageable as I do wear bikinis all the time.  But I did get some second takes and a few extra smiles on my way back to the beach so that settled down the anxiety pretty damn quick.

Strolling Down The Beach In My New Thong 38 Years Old

Now when I got back to the beach, I made sure I walked across my husband’s line sight on the beach path just for shits and giggles. I did in fact get his attention but it took him a minute to realize it was me as I had put on a new beach hat that he had not seem on me before.

My Husband and Myself On Vacation Wife Wearing Thong Bikini 38 years old

Well I had his attention now; he was taking a second look and had a huge smile on his face so apparently this was a good thing.

All in all, it was a totally perfect vacation and when we were leaving my husband made sure I packed those little thongs to wear around our pool and in our hot tub.

38 year old Women Wears a Thong Bikini On The Beach For The First Time

Whenever it is just me and my husband at home I wear the thongs quite often, we do have kids so I have to be careful but for the hot tub I did add a sheer bikini top just add a little extra kicker.

Wearing a thong bikini is fun, it adds a little extra excitement to relationships, and to be honest it makes a woman feel beautiful….Its thing.  

Me and My Husband Vacation Wearing Thong Bikini First Time at Thirty Eight years Old

One thing, as you can see from some of the photos, I did in fact burn the cheeks of my butt the first day out. Make a note girls, first time wearing a thong bikini in the sun, USE SUNSCREEN.

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