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How to Get Through Valentine’s Day if You’re Super Single

Can you spot lovey-dovey couples around you? Gifting atypical bouquets of red roses to each other and storefront decorated with red heart-shaped balloons. Well, that’s Valentine’s day celebration, my dear. But, honestly, what should be the epitome of love has somehow become a cliche episode of any Indian TV soap serial. 

If you think this blog will be a rant, you are highly mistaken, similar to the notion of love. Valentine’s day is not just about romantic love. Valentine’s day is all about celebrating the love you deserve. It could be from anyone, your parents, friends, siblings, even your pet. Telling your partner, that Kajol is the murderer in the movie Gupt is also love. It is all about spreading love and being happy, and it always begins with self-love. No matter how cliche it sounds, self-love comes first; rest is secondary. 

To paraphrase my dear gal Celine Dion’s famous love song- ‘My heart goes on and on..’. However, on V-day, the prices go on and on. A 15rs rose is sold at Rs.125 on Valentine’s day, hoping it to be a personal token of love for their beloved. But if you really care, make some real effort. Buy your partner something memorable enough,  which doesn’t wither away like roses in less than a week. But do you really think that only a partner can do that?

‘Being single legit on V-day isn’t the worst thing if you know the perks of it. So for once, keep the overtly romanticised notion of V-day aside and engross yourself in love for your own ‘self’. What say! What fun it will be to celebrate Valentine’s day, the day of love, as a Self-Love Day. This way, you can do so many different things for which you actually couldn’t make time in your calendar. So hurry, scroll through to get the day like a pro. 

Have A Spa Night

Give yourself all the time you need and go on full DND mode. Treat yourself to a hot shower, bubble bath, facial, massage, makeover, new hair cut, or makeup maybe. You may book a professional appointment or splurge on DIY home spa treatment using body butter, body oils, face masks, whatever you want. 

Have It Your Way, No Judgement Involved.

You don’t have to watch the same action movie for the 100th time when you desperately wanna watch a romantic Bollywood flick like Jab We Met. So what? I am not anti-romantic. That’s everyone’s favourite movie, no judgement, hands down.  Do you know how it feels when someone stares at you when you snort while laughing? Come on, nothing is funnier than Geet yelling at the station master for his muft ka gyaan?

How about ‘not’ being judged while crying during the movie. Dope, right? I mean, some people just don’t get how it feels when Aditya meets Geet, and the background music plays… barse ka sawaan jhoom jhoom ke do dil aise milenge (Jab We Met). That gets me every single time. 😭

Be Joey

You can order your favourite takeout without the fear of sharing it with your special someone. Who always chooses something different from yours and finishes it off as quickly as possible. Later, they wanna taste it from your plate and always end up gulping down 70% of your food, leaving you hungry and pissed. So ‘No Food Sharing’, Does it sound like music to ears?

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Sweat out all the day long stress with the fabulous Zumba session. Get into your comfiest sweats and just groove. Nothing feels better than grooving to Icona Pop’s track-‘I don’t care, I love it’. Why stick to a romantic salsa routine when you can dance your heart out. Trust me, you will get the best high ever.

Write Yourself A Love Letter.

Sounds weird? Not as weird as sulking about your single status. Do you know our first best relationship is with ourselves? Have you heard ‘Khud se pyaar nibaun? Sheila ki jawaani? or Main apni fav hoon?’? Exactly. Writing a love letter to yourself and talking about what you love about yourself. What about you is inspirational? No wonder it could be a great time to reconnect with yourself. You never know; you might rediscover yourself & everything will fall into the right place. So bye, self-pity mode & Say Hi, True love.

Focus On Your New Year Goal.

Craving for more chocolates? What about your new year resolution of getting fit & fab in 21 days and no goofing up this time. Thankfully V-day comes pretty early in the new year. So it’s time to roll back on the trail. If your resolution was getting a partner, don’t bother. Put your energy to better use; get abs instead. 

Take The Day Off Instagram.

Tough? Difficult? Crazy? Yes, but you got to do this, my love. Why scroll and pester yourself with Valentine’s day Insta hashtags like #couplegoals #foreverwalalove #mine #us, #whybother at all. Why haunt yourself with red roses turning into bushes the next day. Instead, start gardening and planting different types of roses. Then, at least you can savour them for long.

P.S. Gardening has a therapeutic effect on the mind and soul. Words of experts, not mine. 

Do Nothing At All. 

There is no rule to do something on V-day. Just hibernate, bathe for hours or sleep all day. There is no pressure to buy gifts, plan a date, book a restaurant, click pics, and write #couplelove #puppylove. Just light some scented candles, wear your quirkiest sleep tee and lie down on bed reading your favourite novel. Nothing can ever beat that comfort. So keep your sanity intact and just stay happy. 

So get up & seize the day, my friend kya pata kal ho na ho. Live to your fullest and get through the day happy & content. If you really wanna do something, spend time with your parents, hang out with your friends or dig out your childhood photo albums and relish it with your siblings. Else be your own Valentine, while at it, why not splurge all you can, available at a special valentine’s day discount (*wink* wink). Choose from a wide selection of lingerie, skincare, body care, and nightwear and get on a roll. 

P.S. Give yourself the love you deserve. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, my single friend.

Sameeksha Jain

Sameeksha Jain

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