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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Lingerie Collection

Most often, we see lingerie as the epitome of femininity and sophistication. However, many feel it is overly intimidating and a source of high maintenance. If you are among the “lazy girls,” then a fancy lingerie collection sounds like another one of those tasks that takes a bit more effort. Fret not! Let this guide assure you that even the laziest person on this planet can have an utterly fabulous lingerie collection with little to no effort. Here is your step-by-step guide—a manual to a lingerie collection.

Essentials First

The foundation of a good outfit collection begins with the right lingerie. The right bra styles you’ll reach out to every day. So it needs to be comfortable, durable, and versatile. Clovia offers a fantastic range of everyday innerwear essentials that are anything but boring. From seamless bras to comfy cotton panties, the basic lingerie styles are designed keeping the modern, busy Indian woman in mind.

Must-Have Basics

T-Shirt Bras

Tshirt bras

T-shirt bras are perfect for everyday wear, providing a smooth silhouette under any outfit. They feature padded cups to provide ultimate comfort and protect modesty. Clovia has a range of stunning hues and ravishing prints, you can choose from.

High Waist Hipsters

Comfort is the utmost priority in everyday underwear. A high-waist hipster is the most loved panty style, giving full coverage and unmatched comfort. Panties made from breathable and stretchable cotton-spandex fabric are a must-have for your underwear collection.

Sports Bras

red sports bra

A good & supportive sports bra is essential whether you’re hitting the gym or just want comfort and support while running errands. They are perfect for those looking for comfort and support. Depending on your workout choice, you can choose from a range of low-impact to high-impact sports bras. Front-open sports bras are a great choice for high-intensity workouts that make it difficult to take off a sports bra after a sweaty workout!


pink bramisole

A camisole is a must-have piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It provides comfort, support, and a smooth silhouette under formal dresses. You can even skip the bra with Clovia’s Bramisoles, which come with a built-in bra for added convenience.

Glamourous Picks



Bralettes can turn your “lazy girl era” into a “sexy girl era”. These are comfortable enough to be worn every day and yet stylish enough to be worn on their own, bralettes can be an easy transition from day to night.

Matching Bras & Panty Sets

matching blue bra and panty set

Finding a matching panty with your bra feels like having the day sorted! Pick your favourite bra and complete the pair with matching panties to start your day right. Choose your style from a wide selection of lingerie sets in delicate lace, solid cotton, and printed polyamide.

Babydolls and Chemises

red babydoll

These are perfect for a romantic night or just lounging around feeling glam, these pieces are both sexy and comfortable.

The ultimate lazy girl hack is to choose lingerie that can serve multiple purposes. Clovia excels in offering pieces that are both versatile and stylish. From camisoles & bralettes that can double as outerwear to multiway bras to complement your tricky outfits; these styles are a game-changer.

Keep It Organized

The final step in the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Lingerie Collection is to keep everything well-organized. A neatly arranged lingerie collection ensures that you can easily find what you need without sifting through heaps of bras and panties. For additional tips on keeping your lingerie organized, visit Awesome Lingerie Stacking Hacks To Make Every Girl’s Life Easy!

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