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Lingerie through the years!

Over the last few decades, plenty has changed in this world. And that includes Lingerie! We recently found lots of fab photos which show some vintage Triumph lingerie and thought it would be fun to share!

Throughout the twentieth century the bra has been developed by advancements of manmade fabrics such as, nylon, Du Pont’s Lycra, polyester, Elastane microfibres and so on. These new fabrics have enabled garments to be lightweight, supportive, flexible and seamless, to have colourful prints and to be easier to wash.

The bra has taken many shapes throughout the century. From the conical looks of the 1950’s sweater girls, maximum cleavage bras, sexy lace bras and of course the ‘burn your bra’ ethos of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

We are all now enjoying the benefits of these rapid advancements in design and fabrics with lingerie that not only looks great but that is infinitely more comfortable than bras of the past.

It is estimated that the lingerie market was worth half a billion pounds at the end of the 1990’s. Even in financial terms things have rapidly surged forward with the Lingerie market estimated to be worth nearly $30 billion dollars in 2018! With such serious amounts of money at play, we’re confident that lingerie design will only continue to improve!

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