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Most Flattering Bikini Bottoms

As the sun-kissed days beckon, the allure of the serene beaches is hard to resist. Yet, for many of us, slipping into swimwear comes with a dash of apprehension. The quest for the most flattering bikini bottoms stems from a desire to feel elegant and fabulous, as much as it is about comfort.

As your go-to swimwear aficionados, we understand the transformative power of the right bikini bottoms. That’s why, we’ve curated a list of bikini bottoms that promise a blend of elegant aesthetics and functional design, ensuring you look and feel utterly fabulous under the sun.

Let the waves be your runway as we delve into a collection that’s all about celebrating you.

Flattering Bikini Bottom Style Guide

With Simply Beach, the journey to finding the perfect bikini bottoms that accentuate your shape and resonate with your personal style is seamless. In this guide, we will help you find the right pair that not only boosts our confidence but also allows you to express yourself in a playful yet sophisticated manner.

From the classic fold-over to the trendy high-waist, let’s explore these styles and find the one that’ll make your beach outings more fashionable and enjoyable.

Fold Over Bikini Bottoms

The foldable feature of the waistband in these bikini bottoms allows a sense of functionality and style. It’s gives you the flexibility to wear it how you want, high-waisted or low-rise. This style is versatile and can suit a variety of body types.


The Palm bikini pant from Nuria Ferrer, with its vibrant floral pattern, adds a dash of glamour, making it a fabulous choice for those who appreciate a lively aesthetic while enjoying the flexibility the fold-over style offers.

Tummy Control Bikini Bottoms

When it comes to the most flattering swimwear, tummy control bikini bottoms offer a snug fit around the waist, providing a smooth silhouette.

Designed with a built-in control panel that smoothens the tummy area, they provide extra support and a flattering fit, cinching in the waist and boosting confidence as you stroll along the beach.

The Malena Maxi Control bikini pant from Nuria Ferrer is a stellar choice in this category, offering maximum coverage with deep sides for a comfortable and secure fit. It’s further accentuated with a sash and tie at the front, adding a stylish touch to its functional design​​.

High Waist Bikini Bottoms

High waist bikini bottoms evoke a vintage charm, harking back to the classic 1950s beachwear styles. Our research indicates that the higher waistline visually extends the length of the legs and pulls in the waist, sculpting the figure.

This silhouette, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, also offers additional coverage and support, enhancing comfort and confidence as you soak up the sun.

The Dopamine Stripe High Waist bikini pant from Watercult, with its vibrant stripe design, is a trendy choice that encapsulates the elegance and comfort of high-waisted bikini bottoms. With wide sides and medium to full coverage, this bottom offers a comfortable fit while embodying a timeless fashion statement.

Hipster Bikini Bottoms

These bottoms are designed to showcase a contemporary aesthetic, making them a popular choice among trendsetters and fashionistas. By sitting lower on the waist, they lean towards a more modern finish, while the higher cut on the leg adds a playful and youthful flair.

Based on our observations, the Oia Sunset Trim Hipster bikini pant from Jets is a quintessential representation of this style, offering moderate coverage with a classic design. This particular piece is elevated with a metallic gold ring detail on one side, adding a touch of sophistication to its simplistic design​.

Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

Tie side bikini bottoms are known for their adjustable ties at the sides, providing a customisable fit. They offer a flirty and fun aesthetic, perfect for those looking to add a playful touch to their beach attire.

Our findings show that these bikini bottoms create a visual interest that draws the eye towards the hips and legs, highlighting your favourite features.

The Revelation Tie Side bikini pant from Maryan Mehlhorn embodies this style with its pansy pink colour, while the tie side detailing allows for adjustments on the go, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your beach day.


Finding the most flattering bikini bottoms can significantly enhance your beach experience. Whether it’s the adjustable tie side, modest tummy control, classic fold over, trendy high waist, or the playful hipster style, there’s something for every woman.

See something you like? Don’t hesitate. Explore Simply Beach’s range of bikini bottoms and find the perfect pair today!

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