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Must-Have Bra Colors

You know that feeling when your outfit for the day just flops because you’re in a blue mood and dispirited? Have you ever wondered why this happens? Emotion! It’s our emotions that affect everything from what we wear and how we look. When you’re feeling pumped and ready to take on the day, you dress up in a bold and fierce outfit. But when you’re feeling down, a calming colour is what prefer more. Isn’t?

Likewise, colour totally affects how we look! Knowing colour psychology helps us maintain that glamorous look. So get geared up to master colour psychology and based on that must-have bra colour you should own. After all, why neglect the under fashion?

The Classic Trio – Nude, White & Black

These are staples in every girl’s bra-drobe.

Nude Bra

Among the trio, nude is that person in the whole team who easily blends in with all. I mean they leave all others speechless as to how this person is everyone’s fav and gels with all! It’s a no-brainer option for those days when you’re already running a bit behind.

Nude bra

White Bra

Before even nude came into the market, white was ruling the bra kingdom. Light-coloured or vibrant dresses or someone who wants a more minimalistic appeal, white still rules for them. But the only issue with white-coloured bras is that the white bra shines undoubtedly through any white dress. Hence, we recommend going for a nude one.

white bra

Black Bra

Known for its bold, sophisticated, power, authority, confidence-booster! Wanna be the boss who leaves everyone in awe? Pick black.

black bra

Beyond the Classics:

Red Bra

What pops into your mind when you hear “red bra or lingerie”? Romantic date night or Valentine’s Day? The red colour screams romance and majorly is associated with that. This bold yet most desirable colour is one of the most evocative out of all the hues on the colour wheel and attracts the most attention. Hence, pair it up with a sexy bodycon dress for that romantic date night.

red bra

Pink Bra

Girly, tender, nurturing, and full of love- is something pink colour makes you feel. Pink adds sweetness, and cheers and blossoms you up. It’s not nude but offers a softer nude bra look. Blends in superbly with any bright and light colour fit.

pink bra

Purple Bra

Wanna feel regal inside out? Satisfy that inner royalty queen with a purple bra. This rich royal colour is ideal when you wanna drop others’ jaws. Talking about when to pair it? Pair it with any darker outfits, from western to ethnic.

purple bra

Blue Bra

Calming blue bra chases away the blues and exudes peace, tranquillity and security! Whenever we visualize blue, we think of blue skies or a body of water. As already mentioned above, blue is what you’d choose for a peaceful lounging or calming day.

blue bra

Orange Bra

A burst of tanginess in our mouth & a burst of sunshine is all we want in life. Organe is ready to mingle with you. The colour of joy and optimism, chirpiness, and enthusiasm, can give you that extra push to step out of your comfort zone. Go break the legs, ladies.

Orange bra

Grey Bra

Not in a line to compete, it’s just needs peace, and a sense of calmness. While grey can be seen as a dull colour, it exudes sophistication. So if that’s your mood for the day, your choice of a grey bra can help you double down on that.

silver grey bra

Maroon Bra

The maroon bra is a sleek shade – not too flashy, not too dull, giving out a sophisticated look. It’s perfect for special occasions or when you want to feel extra glamorous.

maroon bra

See, there the whole world of colour is waiting for you to explore them. So pick the best colour that can cheer up you. These bra colour types you must own, apart from them, we’ve abstract designs, animal prints, or cute floral options too to explore someday. Remember, with the right bra colour, you’re not only going to spirit yourself but your mood throughout the day too. Go forth, and allow your bra-drobe to let these vibrant bras in.

Rani Kumari

Rani Kumari

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