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Saree Shapewear: A Must-Have for A Perfect Saree Look

Saree shapewear has emerged as a revolutionary solution in the world of fashion, with a vision to overcome the traditional challenges associated with wearing sarees. While sarees are loved for their graceful appeal, the complexities of draping and the difficulty in finding the right petticoat and blouse have often discouraged many women from embracing this iconic attire.

In recent times, with ever-evolving fashionscape, saree shapewear has emerged as an ally for every saree enthusiast offering an amalgamation of comfort and style. Creating the perfect mermaid-style shape, modern saree shapewear promises to offer a seamless and flattering saree-wearing experience.

It’s time to bid farewell to cumbersome saree petticoats and welcome the seamless embrace of modern saree shapewear. Designed to contour and support without sacrificing style, this innovation ensures a flawless drape and effortless movement. Whether it’s a traditional saree or a contemporary ready-to-wear saree drape, shapewear promises comfort beyond compare, empowering every woman to step into her saree with confidence and grace.

saree shapewear under red saree

What is a Saree Shapewear?

When it comes to embracing a saree, each and every detail counts. From the draping style to the choice of saree blouse design and getting a saree petticoat; each element contributes to achieving that flawless look. If you’re a saree connoisseur, you would not leave a stone unturned to get that perfect saree look. 

But, before we help you understand the importance of saree shapewear, how many of you know what is a shapewear? 

saree shapewear under black saree

Sarees are one of the most graceful attires that enhance the curves and accentuate her body. But the traditional petticoats often tend to create a bulky look and saree shapewear for women is a revolutionary undergarment that has brought an end to this problem. Besides creating smooth and sculpted silhouettes, it provides the necessary comfort and support, giving the appearance of an hourglass shape. Worn beneath the saree, a saree shapewear must be well-fitted to enhance your natural curves. But one must be careful to have it not so tight that it leaves you bruised and obstructing blood circulation. What distinguishes the trendy saree shapewear from the traditional saree petticoat is that it helps to achieve a contoured silhouette while wearing a saree.

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Benefits of Choosing Shapewear for Sarees

In this edit, we will help you understand how draping a saree has been revolutionized because of the latest innovation of saree shapewear and why one should choose saree shapewear over the traditional petticoat.

Here’s why a saree shapewear is a must-have for achieving that perfect saree look:

1. Perfect Fit and Drape: Choosing the right saree shapewear is important because it enhances the fit of your saree, ensuring that it accentuates your curves in all the right places. Whether you opt for a traditional cotton saree or a glamorous chiffon saree, the shapewear helps in achieving a contoured appearance, enhancing the overall drape of the saree.

2. Comfort First: Gone are the days when wearing petticoats under a saree and managing the hassles of tying the drawstring was nothing less than sacrificing comfort. But with modern saree shapewear, comfort comes first. Crafted from smooth, stretchable and breathable fabrics that provide support, the saree shapewear allows ease of movement, making it a practical choice for every woman who is planning to flaunt the grace of six yards drape in wedding celebrations, parties, or any festive occasion.

3. Convenience to Wear: Unlike traditional petticoats, saree shapewear is easy to wear and maintain. Give yourself some respite from the hassles of the traditional drawstring closures and embrace the comfort of stretchable fabrics and adjustable closures of the latest saree shapewear. 

4. Versatile Styles: Saree shapewear is available in various styles to cater to different saree drapes and personal preferences. Whether you wish to drape a chiffon saree or a ready-to-wear georgette saree, saree shapewear will create a toned and sculpted look.

saree shapewear under purple saree

5. Sculpted Silhouette: Flaunting a saree with elan comes with practice. We can’t deny that maintaining the saree pleats and ensuring that the drapes are done neatly is not a cakewalk. But with shapewear, you can flaunt a saree with a toned silhouette and ease of movement. The modern-day saree shapewear is designed to smooth out any bumps, creating a seamless silhouette underneath your saree. Whether it’s a fitted drape or a flowing chiffon saree, the shapewear ensures that the saree falls gracefully, enhancing your natural curves.

6. Fashion Statement: Saree shapewear has become a fashion statement. From celebrities to fashion influencers, every saree enthusiast is embracing the trendy shapewear available in a plethora of colours for effortless draping.

How to Choose the Right Shapewear?

saree shapewear under pink saree

Choosing the correct shapewear involves considering several factors to ensure both comfort and effectiveness. Here are some tips:

Material: Saree shapewear is generally crafted in stretchable fabrics, primarily nylon and spandex. Always opt for premium quality material that feels soft against the skin and is comfortable to wear. 

Size: A shapewear petticoat can be easily slipped in and adjusted in the waistline area. To achieve that perfect hourglass shape, it’s important to choose the correct size of a shapewear. Make sure to measure yourself & refer to the size chart before buying saree shapewear online. 

Colour: You will find a plethora of colour choices in saree shapewear. Pick the colour that best matches with your saree. 

Saree shapewear has redefined saree draping by offering comfort, and support, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Investing in quality saree shapewear is a good decision because this saree accessory will elevate your saree experience to new heights, offering utmost comfort and ease of movement. In the vibrant sphere of saree fashion, brands such as Libas bring newness with their exquisite array of sarees, each a testament to elegance and grace. Simultaneously, Clovia’s Saree Shapewear accentuates your curves and gives you a flattering figure in no time. By contouring your abdomen, thighs and back, saree shapewear gives you a mermaid-like shape, which is exactly what you need to rock your look. Our shaping petticoats are crafted with breathable fabrics and are super stretchable to give you all-day comfort as you set the floor on fire. Available in a wide range of colours, we also have drawstring saree shapewear to hold even the heaviest of your sarees. Master the art of draping the sarees with saree shapewear and discover a world where elegance meets comfort effortlessly.

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