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Top 10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Valentine this Year

Here comes Cupid’s day! I know Valentine’s Day sometimes can go wrong and can often be associated with disappointment and unmet expectations, but guys, not this year! This time make your partner feel like the most loved person on this planet.

What do girls like?

Talking hearts, stuffed animals, and handmade chocolates are not good gifts anymore. I mean, they might be if you’re in middle school, but since you are not, they are horrible gifts. Come on, you’re better than that. Normal mundane things like flowers and chocolates are passed now a day.

This valentine’s surprise your girlfriend or wife with special lingerie gifts.Dreaming of the horizontal tango, fancy dinner and naughty night already? Dream bigger! We got this.

Why should you gift her Valentine lingerie?

Gifting valentine lingerie sets doesn’t really have to do with try to get sexy or naughty. More than that, it’s about telling your lady that you love every inch of her.  Embracing her & making her feel special about herself. Remember, it’s only you who can gift her valentine night lingerie and no one else. This is something exclusively for you. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a sexy lingerie item, it could be a basic top and pyjama set too. The idea that matters most is the thought behind it. Knowing what she likes, what makes her feel comfortable and happy. Giving thoughtful gifts can be a great turn on, trust us on this guys.

This Valentine’s Day compliment her with a valentine lingerie set as nobody has done till now. There is no better manner to say you love and cherish your woman than tapping her most primitive side with this exclusive Valentine Day special gift.

Well, now that you know that valentine lingerie is the big thing you’re gifting her (and yourself) this Valentine’s, let’s move on to the next order of business… i.e.., knowing some itsy-bitsy details about valentine lingerie sets.

Make her feel sexy with Valentine Bras

Many of us believe that designer bras are for bridal nights only. In this age of hectic schedules and timelines, anything that brings a spring in your step is worth trying and sexy lace bras, cage designs or bralette are the best way of doing so. There are numerous different types of bras in the giant world of lingerie and each type looks and feels differently, which means there’s a perfect valentine bra for your girl too. All you’ve got to do is know her style.

Until then here are a few of the main types that you should know about in order to choose the best valentine lingerie gift for her:

Push-up Bra


A gentle push in the right direction never hurts anybody. You know what we mean, a push-up bra has always been every girl’s secret desire and we know yours too. Especially if you already know that your girl is into sexy lingerie. Gift her a lacy push-up bra and make her sexy. This is a very smart way of earning those extra brownie points.

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra has a pretty low-cut neckline that’s oh-so-sexy. This style will flaunt some extra skin and will accentuate her curves. Just observe your girl’s outfits, if she likes to wear deeper necklines, she’s gonna love a plunge bra as a valentine bra gift. Trust us guys; this is going to be a treat for her and for you too.


If your girl is easy-going yet very fashion-conscious and we’ve got something that she will surely love. A bralette – bralette could be her sexy thing! This is one style that will compliment her personality; bralettes are usually non-wired & non-padded for zero fuss and super-sexy & flirty by looks.

Cage Bra

If wild, adventurous and daring are the words you would use to describe your babe then we’ve got some surprise for both of you. We are talking about a cage bra.  Reminding of fifty shades of grey, this style can instantly make any girl blush. This strappy cage bra style screams romance & passion. This bra is bound to spice up things on the big day.

Check out sexy valentine bra collection.

Cute and Naughty – Say it with Valentine Panties

It’s intimidating to know how many moods her panties can elicit—from cheeky to sweet to totally sexy. Discover her sense of style and gift her perfect valentine panty surprising her with the best Valentine’s Day romantic gifts.



Lovingly known as butt floss, thongs leave very little to the imagination and are the best valentine panty gift for her. If she exudes a bold & daring persona then this sexy little thing can ignite some fire. She can either don that dainty thong under her LBD to Valentine’s party or style it with a sheer babydoll to tease you in the bedroom.


Check out some super-sexy bikini style panties. This style sits low at the hips and has been a classic favourite of women all around the globe. We’ve added a touch of pretty lace and sheer peek-a-boo powernet to make it look both sexy and sweet at the same time.



If your girl has a chilled-out personality who prefers comfort but with style, then boyshorts could be her pick. There’s something about a woman wearing guy stuff, isn’t it? Imagine her wearing your white shirt that hangs somewhere near her hips, doesn’t that look sexy? If yes, then even these lacy boyshorts would. They are a combination of the best of both worlds, comfy yet flirty, just like her!

Check out sexy valentine panty collection.

Embrace her curves with Valentine Lingerie Sets

A sexy bra & a matching panty set– made for each other, just like you two. Okay okay, that was cheesy! But at times there are certain things that are pretty cheesy but still sweet. Just like a red bra & panty set. Reds & pinks- these colours could get very cheesy around this time but isn’t that something we all associate love with? So show her some love with sexy valentine lingerie sets! That’s all the gift wrapping she needs to present herself to you.

Make her swoon with Valentine Night Lingerie Sets

Ahh! Nothing can spell wonders for you than your woman wearing sheer nightwear, especially on Valentine. So, why not gift her one? When you are thinking of gifting her lingerie this valentine, how can you forget about a stunning and naughty babydoll dress? Hiding nothing for your imagination, these dresses are best for showing your woman how much you want her on valentine.

Check out sexy valentine night lingerie.

Tips To Buy Lingerie for Your Lady on Valentine’s

Know your lady

  • But keep in mind you want her to like the gifts. Isn’t it? So pay close attention to what her style is and what she may like. It could be something sexy like a push-up bra or a thong, or cotton night dress with a funny quote.
  •  Ponder upon the things she loves about her body, the things she dislikes, what makes her feel sexy, what makes her feel uneasy, etc.
  • If she is super-confident about her body you may go for anything and everything.
  • If there are certain body areas that she isn’t very comfortable about, then its best to not pick styles that highlight her problem areas. Instead, look for something that will make her feel happy about her body.
  • For example, if she feels she has a bulging tummy don’t gift her something that will bring attention to the tummy, instead pick something that would probably accentuate her tiny waistline.
  • It’s the key rule of buying the perfect valentine’s lingerie gifts for her, especially lingerie. There’s no going around this step otherwise no shop assistant, no matter how helpful can save you. You can check her existing lingerie for size.

It’s time you put your Sherlock hat on and do some rummaging around in her drawers or sneak a peek when you’re unhooking next time. But please don’t creep her out during your investigation process.

See guys it’s pretty simple if you can make her feel sexy inside it will definitely show on the outside.

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