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What is a Monokini & How to Style it?

What pops into your head when someone asks you for a beach outing? Getting the chance to dress in that sexy swimwear, isn’t it? But what if we tell you we’ve got even more slick beachwear? It’s a Monokini; the coolest style in beachwear right now. Before we get into it, let’s take a moment to know where it came from and how it expanded & evolved.

History of Monokini

Monokini might seem like a brand-new trend in the market, but it’s been around for centuries. The first ever monokini, designed by an exceptional designer named Rudi Gernreich, was quite a head-turner. The eyebrow-raising monokini design was extremely revealing, hence it was named “topless bikini” or “unikini”. This antique monokini had only a brief with two thin straps covering the bust, midriff and hips.

traditional monokini

And that’s why a Monokini had to go through a makeover to become a more widely accepted swimwear style. Today, one can find them in assorted styles and fabrics, encouraging all ladies to sway their stylish beachwear look with confidence

And before we start talking about monokini styles, let’s take a closer look at what monokini today looks like.

What is a Monokini?

The modern-age monokini is completely different from the antique one, it is modest and stylish. It’s a one-piece swimsuit that covers the shoulder, torso and crotch. 

Talking about the latest trends, today monokinis are available in endless options! Ranging from halters, cut-outs, open-back, low-back, single-shoulder, strappy, bandeau, plunge, ruched and so many more! There’s always a monokini crafted to flatter every Indian body type. If you’re someone who likes to make a statement with your swimwear choice then you can opt for fancy frills, chunky embellishments, big prints, side cutouts, or colour blocking. Now, let’s explore the monokini world and fully grasp each style.

Types of Monokini

Now that we have already understood the various monokini types. Now, let’s get into the specifics & benefits of each style.

Cut-Out Monokini


If you’re blessed with a tiny waistline that you wish to flaunt while staying modest. Then this one is the perfect pick for you. Opt for a monokini that has cut-out details on the sides that draw attention to your waist.

Halter-Neck Monokini

halter neck monokiniLove flaunting your back? Go for a halter-neck monokini that ties behind the neck and leaves the back bare. This style never goes out of fashion!

Ruched Monokini

ruched monokini

Who said a plus-size diva can’t flaunt her beachwear? With this ruched monokini, you can slay like a queen without feeling conscious of yourself. Our curvy ladies will love this dress. The ruching creates an illusion that hides any problem areas like the tummy and side bulges.

Mesh Monokini

mesh monokini

This mesh monokini is a must-have for ladies who want a jaw-dropping moment. This cute and flirty swimwear style keeps your intimate parts covered with opaque fabric like polyamide, and spandex, while the pee-a-boo mesh fabric drops a subtle hint of hotness.

Push-Up Monokini

pushup monokini

Want to add a little drama to your beachwear? Go for a push-up monokini. This may come in various push-up levels depending on the padding. This style helps keep the breasts high and makes them look fuller, giving you the killer cleavage you’ve always desired.

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Monokini V/s Bikini

If you’re wondering what sets a monokini apart from a bikini, we’ll clear it up for you. A bikini is a two-piece set that may not be everyone’s first swimwear choice, and we completely understand that ladies. So a monokini is the way to go. It lets you stay ahead in the fashion game while keeping you more covered than a bikini. It shows off your curves beautifully and keeps you comfortable. 

This image will give you a clear picture of the difference.

monokini vs bikini

Now that you know all about monokinis, it’s the fitting time to browse through the various styles and slay at the beach. Show that beach who’s the boss!

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