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What To Wear To A Zumba class? Dos & Don’ts

Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance. It is one of the most effective and popular fitness programs. So if you’re planning to join a Zumba class then know what to wear and some basic DOs and DON’Ts. 

What To Wear:

1. Sports bra is a must:

For women, a sports bra is very essential for a Zumba class. There is a lot of breast movement during zumba class, so you’ll want a sports bra to avoid jiggling and is supportive enough to keep you comfortable.

2. Athletic T-shirt or tank top for added look:

Some women feel comfortable enough going to a zumba class in the sports bra alone, while others choose to wear a tank top or athletic t-shirt over the bra. So make sure to choose the one that is relatively tight-fitting, so it doesn’t get in your way while burning your calories.

3. Leggings for comfort:

A good quality pair of tights is an absolute choice for Zumba. These tights will  keep your muscles comfortable throughout the workout without being restrictive. Plus, these days you can find leggings with all kinds of fun colours prints and with additional features like zips and pockets, so you can flaunt your style while wearing these tights!

What Fabric To Choose?

While picking out clothes for zumba class, make sure to pick clothes that are made from synthetic fibers like polyamide, spandex, etc. Strictly say no to cotton. It’s true that cotton can be super comfortable for casual wear, but they don’t work well while working out. A cotton garment will absorb your sweat, leaving it wet and heavy, and causing chafing and itching issues.

These synthetic fibers dry quickly and help you stay dry and comfortable throughout your zumba session. With a lightweight feel, synthetic athletic wear is the best choice available in the market.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:


  1. Make sure to bring a towel and a full water bottle. You’ll sweat a lot, so re-hydrating throughout the class is very important.
  2. As mentioned above, wear something that is breathable and moveable. 
  3. Don’t stress yourself. Feel the music and have fun! Try to cut loose and let your body move freely.
  4. Be patient to learn the routines.
  5. Picture that you’re in a music video. It gives you some motivation, strength and attitude.
  6. Make sure to inform the instructor immediately if you have issues like shortness of breath or dizziness. 


  1. Don’t expect to learn all the moves during the first, second or even third class. Take your own time and learn them perfectly. 
  2. Don’t Eat a lot after the class if you’re trying to lose weight.
  3. Don’t be self-conscious
  4. Don’t wear tight clothes.
  5. Don’t worry about messing up. Not everyone can learn the moves after one class. 
  6. Don’t come to class if you are sick. 

That’s it guys now you know everything. So make sure to buy the essentials and don’t forget to keep the above mentioned points in your mind. Burn all those extra calories effectively with the tips that I’ve mentioned. 



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