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Wrap Around Bikini Tops


The hottest thong bikini style to hit the beach / travel scene for 2022 weirdly has nothing to to with the thong bikini bottom per-say, it is the top that is making the difference. Depending on who you are talking to, these bikini tops can be called Butterfly bikini tops or wrap around bikini tops. In any case no matter what you want to call then, this fashion style that is sweeping the industry. Beach goers are flocking to these new adorning tops and loving their lives. It a much more fashionable top that has been gaining traction over the last few years throughout the Hollywood and fashion scene and now its the latest trend for women’s swimwear internationally. Just take a look at any of the mainstream fashion leaders from the Kardashian’s to Instagram selfies this style is clearly a dominating factor.

Fashion styles tend to take a little time to gain traction then, all of a sudden they take off and the whole world wants them. Take for example, in 2021, women were wearing their bikini tops upside down as fast as that tend came in, it went out. In parallel as the upside down bikini top was on its way out the butterfly or wrap around string bikini top was coming in.


Now for once, a new fashion trend is actually functional. For starters, depending on your body type, you can tie the strings anywhere you want on your torso. If the strings are to long for your desired look, simply cut them. The sides of the bikini top are also fully adjustable allowing you to achieve the desired coverage and they typically have a removable band in the center. More importantly they are easier to tie than a traditional string bikini top and tend to stay in place better.

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