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Beach Shirt Dresses

After you packed your bikinis and swimsuits, the next item in your holiday suitcase should be one or two beach shirt dresses. They are versatile beachwear that will serve you well on holiday. Worn on the beach for a casual look or dressed up in the evening with some snazzy accessories, a beach shirt dress will be your new best friend on holiday.

Beach Shirt Dresses

Beach Shirt Dresses

We’ve got lots of beach shirt dresses for you to choose from, but this blog post highlights some of our handpicked favourites. So what are you waiting for? Lets’s dive right in and take a look at this season’s must-have beach shirt dresses.

Romina Beach Shirt by Iconique

Beach Shirt Dress

If you love florals then you are going to adore this Romina Beach Shirt by Iconique. This beach shirt dress has gorgeous floral embroidery all over it, with added detail at the lapels. Made of 100% white cotton, this dress will keep you cool in the midday sun. Other fantastic details include the ¾ length sleeve, the collar and of course the signature buttons on the front.

Shea Beach Shirt by PQ Swim

Beach Shirt Dress

This stunning sheer beach shirt from PQ swim is a vibrant blue colour, with a fantastic stripe in the weave. You’ll not be missed wearing this. The Shea Beach Shirt is an ideal cover-up to put into your beach bag. It’s easily styled with its full-length buttons and will keep you cool whilst also adding a bit of extra pizazz to your beach attire.

Crinkle Button Down Dress by Pitusa

Beach Shirt Dress

Beach shirt dresses don’t come with much more wow factor than this Crinkle Button Down Dress from Pitusa. The rainbow transition down the dress is simply beautiful. This dress comes in two lengths, one standard for those over 5ft 4 and a petite size for those under. It’s also 100% cotton which is perfect for long, hot, sunny days.

Euphoria Belted Shirt Dress by Maryan Mehlhorn

Beach Shirt Dresses

There’s something so charming and elegant about the vintage pink and coral patchwork print on this Euphoria Belted Shirt Dress from Maryan Mehlhorn. Paired with the gold micro buttons, shell-covered belt and double-layered wide skirt and you’ve got yourself a pretty exquisite beach dress. Wouldn’t you agree?

Oversized Beach Cover Up by Seafolly

Shirt Dress

You really can’t go wrong with a classic white, cotton beach shirt can you? It’s an absolute staple as it will suit all shapes and sizes, plus also goes well with most bikinis and swimsuits. The Oversized Beach Cover Up from Seafolly is a perfect example of a midi-length button-down beach shirt. It’s got a lovely relaxed fit, perfect for popping on when heading out of the midday sun.

Fantasy Resort Beach Shirt From Watercult

Beach Shirt Dresses

If you want to add a tropical feel to your holiday beachwear, then the Fantasy Resort Beach Shirt from Watercult is just the ticket. You’ll be sure to fall in love with the flamingo, zebra and monkey print on this adorable beach shirt dress. This shirt has a fantastic collar, ¾ length sleeves and comes in a flattering midi-length.

So now you’ve seen our handpicked selection of beach shirt dresses, which one was your favourite? If not one of these stunning beach dresses was your exact match, why not head over and take a look at all the beach dresses we have on our site? You can filter down by size, brand or even colour. We are sure to have something you’ll absolutely adore.

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