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Best Postpartum Swimsuits

Hello, mum! We understand that finding the right swimwear post-birth can be daunting. You want something that not only looks fabulous but also caters to your new body’s needs. We’re here to guide you through the best postpartum swimsuits!

Whether you’re breastfeeding, recovering from a c-section, or just looking for that extra bit of support and style, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s explore these top picks together, shall we?

Best Postpartum Swimsuits to Make You Feel Your Best: Top Picks

Do you find yourself asking, “what bikini suits me?” You’re not alone. Trying to find the best post-baby swimwear can be overwhelming, but it’s all about finding pieces that make you feel fabulous while providing the support and comfort you need.

We curated a selection of swimsuits that cater to various postpartum needs.

Best Postpartum Swimsuit For Breastfeeding

The Beach Club Solids Ring Front swimsuit is a standout choice for new mums. This piece from the Lauren Ralph Lauren collection is particularly suitable for breastfeeding, thanks to its design.

The plunge front style is not just about aesthetics; it allows for easier access when breastfeeding. Our research indicates that the wide straps add to the comfort, reducing pressure on the shoulders, which is a common concern for breastfeeding mums.

The removable cups are a thoughtful addition, offering the flexibility to adjust for comfort and support as your body changes during the postpartum period.

best swimwear after mastectomy

Best Postpartum One-Piece Swimsuit

The Diana V Neck swimsuit from Gottex, adorned in a striking safari print, is more than just swimwear; it’s a nod to fashion history, inspired by the iconic style worn by Princess Diana in the ‘90s.

This limited edition piece is a blend of nostalgia and contemporary design, making it a bold choice for postpartum swimwear.

The V-neck style is flattering for all body types, and the soft cups provide gentle support without being restrictive, ideal for postpartum bodies. Searching for the best tummy control swimsuit? This one-piece comes with tummy control, offering a smoothing effect that new mums can appreciate.

Best Postpartum Swimsuit For C-Section

The Ceylan Ruched Bandeau swimsuit from Roidal, in its stunning Wonder pink hue, is a testament to the elegance and comfort that postpartum beachwear can offer. This swimsuit combines grace and functionality in a way that respects the needs of a post-c-section body.

With ample coverage to conceal the c-section scar and underwired moulded cups for support, this swimsuit has plenty to offer. The optional adjustable straps lend it versatility while the ruching across the tummy adds a dash of flair.

Best Postpartum Swimsuit For Bigger Busts

The Malena High Fronts swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer in vibrant turquoise is a quintessential choice for postpartum women with bigger busts. This classic tank-style swimsuit offers support when it’s needed.

This swimsuit is particularly suited for bigger busts due to its high-fronted style, which provides increased coverage for a more modest look. The soft cups are designed to offer comfort without compromising on shape, ensuring that you feel secure and well-supported.

best mastectomy swimsuits

Our findings show that the adjustable straps are a key feature, allowing you to customize the fit to your body’s changing needs, which is especially important postpartum as your body recovers from pregnancy and birth.

Additionally, the tummy control feature makes it an option when it comes to the best bikini to hide mummy tummy.

Most Flattering Postpartum Swimsuit

The Mia Underwired swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer is an elegant postpartum swimsuit choice. Its vibrant colour and thoughtful design cater to the aesthetic and practical needs of new mothers.

This swimsuit features a beautifully shaped neckline, enhancing the upper body in a subtle yet striking way. Based on our observations, the textured fabric gives it an alluring appearance that is sure to grab your attention.

The underwired design offers essential support, and the belt detail at the front waist adds a fashionable twist, accentuating the waistline and contributing to an overall flattering silhouette.


As we’ve come to learn, finding the perfect postpartum swimsuit doesn’t have to be tiresome. From swimwear for breastfeeding to C-section recovery, each piece we’ve highlighted caters to the needs of post-birth bodies.

The key takeaway is that postpartum swimwear can be both functional and fashionable. The Mia Underwired Swimsuit stands out as a testament to this, offering a flattering fit with its shaped neckline and belt detail.

We encourage you to explore these options and find the one that resonates with your postpartum journey. Remember, it’s all about feeling comfortable and confident in your skin.

Visit Simply Beach for a range of postpartum swimsuits that are designed to make you feel your absolute best.

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