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Best Surf Bikini

Sun, sand, and surf – there’s nothing quite like the thrill of riding the waves on a balmy day. But any seasoned surfer will tell you, your choice of swimwear can make or break the experience. That’s why picking the best surf bikini is so important. But which should you consider?

In this guide, we’ll jump into the world of surf swimwear and explore top-notch options that promise to keep you stylish and supported while you chase the tides.

What Are the Best Bikinis for Surfing?

When it comes to selecting the best bikinis for surfing, there are several standout choices.

Whether you are on the look out for the best bikini for swimming laps, the best sports bikini, or the best swimsuit for open water swimming, our curated list of bikini tops and bottoms shine.

Here are our top picks, based on our observations:

Honeycomb Regular Bikini Pant & Cross Front Multi-Fit Bikini Top From Sea Level


Step into the embrace of Sea Level’s Honeycomb Regular bikini pant, a hipster-style treasure that balances comfort with allure. Its textured light waffle fabric, a polyester and elastane blend, offers both flexibility and durability.

The bikini pants moderate coverage respects your comfort, while the powermesh lining works subtly to enhance your natural silhouette, instilling confidence as you surf.


Matching in material, the Honeycomb Cross Front Multi-Fit bikini top champions versatility, accommodating A to DD cups with its fixed soft cups. The additional side boning enhances stability and an adjustable back e-hook ensures a secure fit, while the straps can be tailored for comfort.

best bikinis for surfing

Bali Underwired Bikini Set From Roidal

The Bali Underwired bikini set from Roidal is a harmonious ensemble, presenting a cohesive design that unites style and functionality. Let’s break down each element of this set:


The Bali bikini pant from Roidal captivates with a lovely blue floral print, offering an exquisite ruched design that ensures substantial rear coverage. Created from a blend of polyamide and elastane, it pledges comfort and resilience. It’s a top choice when it comes to underwired bikinis.


In harmony with the bikini pant, the Bali Underwired bikini top is made in a bra style with wrap-front underwired cups, providing substantial support.

The ruched detail extends from the cups to the straps, which are adjustable for a perfect fit. The clip back secures it in place, all fashioned from the same high-quality material.

Carnivale High Waist Bikini Pant And Cross Front Multi Fit Bikini Top From Sea Level Australia


This Carnivale High Waist Bikini Pant, adorned with a charming blue floral print, provides generous coverage and a sleek flat front, with a fabric composition of majoritively recycled Nylon and some Elastane added in for elasticity.


Embodying a spirited bohemian flair, the Carnivale Cross Front Multi Fit bikini top accommodates various bust sizes (A to DD) with its fixed soft cup support. The butterfly back clip and adjustable, convertible straps ensure a snug fit, while the side boning maintains shape.

best surf swimsuit brands

The powermesh lining extends support, and the material mirrors the bikini pants eco-friendly commitment.

Troppica High Waist Gathered Side Bikini Pant And Low Square Neck Bikini Top From Sea Level Australia


The Troppica High Waist bikini pant from Sea Level Australia is an embodiment of nature’s vibrant palette, fusing jungle motifs with tropical camouflage.

Available in vivid shades of greens and mango, the Troppica bikini bottomcombines fashion with sustainability. This high-waisted design offers enhanced support due to its powermesh lining, all crafted from comfortable recycled nylon and elastane fabric.


Continuing the celebration, the Troppica Low Square Neck bikini top provides a snug fit with its removable soft cups and adjustable, convertible straps. The butterfly back clip and side boning ensure shape retention, with the same eco-friendly fabric blend ensuring comfort and durability.

Impact Ruched Bikini Pant And Moulded Bikini Top From Maryan Mehlhorn


In a delicious hue of sweet berry glaze, the Impact Ruched Bikini Pant from Maryan Mehlhorn features a flattering gathered waistband and provides full coverage. The blend of polyamide and elastane ensures it hugs the body comfortably.


The moulded bikini top stands out with its elegant wrap front style, providing excellent support with moulded foam cups. The adjustability of the straps and a secure clip-back design means you’ll feel confident in your swimwear.

The consistent fabric ruching across the top and bottom brings a strong unified look and feel.

What Makes The Ideal Bikini For Surfing?

When scouting for the ideal surf bikini, it’s essential to focus on three foundational pillars: the material, fit, and style. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in how your bikini performs when you’re riding the waves.

best women's surf swimsuits


The material of your surf bikini significantly influences its performance and durability. Opt for synthetic blends, primarily polyester. Our research indicates that it is known for its elasticity and quick-drying properties.

These fabrics are designed to maintain their shape and provide comfort even when wet. It’s advisable to avoid embroidered or crochet fabrics, as they tend to sag and lose their form​. Also, be mindful of fabric transparency when choosing your surf bikini.


A proper fit is paramount for a surf bikini. It shouldn’t be too loose to avoid slippage, nor too tight to prevent restriction. Our findings show that testing the fit by moving around can help gauge its security​. For bikini bottoms, a wider band at the hips adds stability​​.

Regarding tops, the amount of support needed varies, but wide, supportive straps or cross-back styles are preferable for their secure fit and comfort​​.


While functionality should be a priority, style still matters in choosing a surf bikini. Your swimwear should reflect your personality and make you feel confident. However, avoid unnecessary embellishments like ruffles or knots that could cause discomfort when surfing.


Finding the ideal surf bikini means selecting the right material, ensuring a proper fit, and choosing a style that makes you feel fabulous. With several options to choose from, you no longer have a reason not to find the perfect bikini for you.

At Simply Beach, we understand the importance of quality and confidence in surfwear. Our collection of high-quality brands offers a range of options that cater to these essentials, ensuring you look and perform your best on the waves.

Choose a bikini that resonates with your surfing spirit. Explore our collection today and make your next wave a stylish splash!

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