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Best Valentine Gift for Her

Forego the standard rose bouquet and chocolate heart this year. With so many new & inventive ways to express your love for her, how can you choose just the old-school one? Valentine’s Day is all about the love you share, not necessarily the money you spend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your leading lady with some saucy Valentine’s gift.

When Cupid makes an appearance and you feel your heart go a-flutter, be prepared for true romance with the sexiest lingerie styles of the season. At Clovia, you’ll fall head over heels for our vast selection of lingerie featuring styles that are essential for a complete intimate apparel wardrobe. Celebrate everlasting love with our Valentine’s Day special lingerie.

Now it’s time to have some fun with pieces that would offer you the perfect mood to indulge in your fantasies and your sweetheart.

Sexy Robes

Smart and sexy, this gorgeous Robe is guaranteed to please the missus this Valentine’s Day. Not only can you easily estimate your partner’s size without worrying about cups and wires and hooks, but a robe is a timeless gift that’s overflowing with sex appeal.


Featuring beautiful see-through lace details and soft straps, the babydolls double as a sexy nightwear for all the other nights. From more conservative one-pieces to sexy sheer dresses, they are an excellent addition to her lingerie wardrobe.

Romantic Massage Candles

Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to celebrate your relationship, so plan an intimate experience that you can share together. An easy-to-organize gift she’ll love? Set the mood with a few twinkling massage oil candles and turn up the heat for a romantic and memorable occasion.

Naughty Night In

Looking for something more playful? There are so many gorgeous styles and sensuous materials to choose from; thongs, bras and panties in sheer, satin and lace. Many of the pieces in our Valentine’s Day Lingerie collection feature red and pink hearts, bows, and red lace detailing. Any of these pieces are perfect to titillate and surprise on Valentine’s Day, but can also be worn whenever you want to spice up the night!

Tips to Buy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Knowing what to buy is like winning half battle, perfecting the gift with the right size and look is art. Here are a few steps to consider before buying a lingerie gift:

1. Know your lady

So as a rule of thumb, always – and we mean always, think about your lady first. Consider the things she loves about her body, the things she dislikes, what makes her feel sexy, what makes her feel uneasy, etc. The more you know, the easier it’ll be the find the perfect lingerie gift ideas for her.

2. Think About What the Lingerie Says

With the vast selection of lingerie types, styles, designs, cuts, colours and fabrics, deciding what to buy can be difficult. To narrow down the selection of gift ideas for her, think about what you want the present to say. A scantily red, lace lingerie set will give a very different message than a luxurious, sexy and classy pair of panties. So, think about what comes to mind when you see it and make sure it coincides with the message you want to give.

3. Know her Size

If you’re going to buy lingerie for your lady, you might as well do it right. That means no gift certificates or wrong sizes with a gift receipt. There’s nothing romantic about that. So, find the right size. Since your lady’s size in panties and bras can change overtime, it’s important to check the sizes of styles she currently wears.   Otherwise, you could be looking at lingerie that no longer fit.

Sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day makes a great gift for inspiring the art of seduction. Whether your style in the boudoir is edgy and provocative or classic and romantic, find the hottest Valentine’s Day lingerie at Clovia, the online boutique for intimate apparel at everyday low prices.

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