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Hollywood Inspired Outfits with Lingerie

The glam squad of Hollywood has set the parameters of flamboyant styles, and artistic approach toward trends, influencing the world with hefty styling options. The west has always been a trendsetter, paving the way for others to recreate the looks. Be it Hollywood classics that contain vintage dressing options or the uprooted latest jazzing up, the west has provided options that can turn a simple outfit into a masterpiece.

Lingerie, on the other hand, has finally earned its limelight. The centrally focused part of innerwear is now a full-blown part of the outfit. The juxtapositioning of outfits has found its alignment and has stunned the critics, in a positive way. From red carpet moments to off-duty glam, lingerie & the regular fit have tangled their knots.

Celebs are known to influence the decision when it comes to styling an outfit, and come on, who doesn’t love looking chic all day long?

Dua Lipa & Her Peek-A-Boo Moments

The stunner is often seen rocking outfits with elements that involve a lot of experimenting. The pop glam culture is referred to as taking risks, even with outfits, but luckily for Dua Lipa, the outfits turn out to be an eye-pleasing outcome. In her recent shoot with puma, her edgy attire & thong waistband is seen intertwined, making an amazing pair. 

Gigi Hadid’s Monochromatic Look

Do we remember the blissful days of pairing a sheer top with appealing bras? Yeah, the trendsetter herself made us all hooked on the trend. Sheer tops & bras were a match made in heaven with variations of the styles seen all over. Some liked to pair a neutral shade with a pop of colour, whereas, just like Gigi, some kept it low-key. 

Kourtney Kardashian & her Red Carpet Outfit

The bedazzled pantsuit set surely grabbed a lot of attention, but the ever-so-gorgeous Kourtney looks immensely confident with her fashion choices. You might have seen similar styling options dragged over by celebs on the red carpet but Kourtney does justice by serving looks with her bra being a major part of the outfit.

Camila Cabello & her Paris Fashion Week Look

Changing her narrative and pulling off looking like a queen, the rockstar herself knows what’s up when it comes to trends. Fashion week is all about radiating good vibes with over-the-top looks, but Camila kept it chic by adding layers instead of going all crazy. The all-white outfit with a bra is honestly is steller outfit choice. 

Kendall Jenner & her Bodysuit

Topping it off, the divine & the supreme herself graced the Milan Fashion Week with an outfit incorporating lingerie. The ravishing beauty hands down leads the fashion industry with her grace and poise, but the way she carries herself is commendable. The neutral shades in her outfit & the fur jacket with her bodysuit are sure-shot a party outfit glazed with eyes.

Celebrities have a certain edge in setting an example & we tend to follow them. Although the trend of incorporating lingerie into your regular outfit is quite doable, for some it might be challenging. Just to get the taste of fashion enabled styles, you can always substitute a bra with a bralette & still look like the diva that you are, unless you can be a slayer kinda person. On that note, take fashion risks, be your fashion inspiration cause’ there is no limit when it comes to dressing up.