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How Many Bikinis for 10 Day Holiday

Ah, the question we’ve all pondered before jetting off on a sun-soaked holiday: how many bikinis for 10 day holiday? We recommend 3 to 4 of your most stylish outfits.

But, with so many gorgeous designs out there, how do you choose? And more importantly, how do you pack smart without compromising on our fashion-forward flair? 

Whether you’re a minimalist traveller or someone who believes in having options (because who doesn’t love options?), we’ve got the answers to ensure you’re the beauty of the beach every single day.

So, let’s dive in, shall we?

What this article covers:

How Many Bikinis Should You Pack for Vacation

When planning a sun-soaked holiday, it’s essential to strike the right balance between packing light and ensuring you have enough swimwear options to feel fabulous every day.

Based on our observations, your packing decision will depend on the length of your vacation and your preferences.

Here’s what you should know:

If You Intend To Fit It All In A Carry-On

When packing light for a holiday, every inch of space in your carry-on counts. For a 10-day trip, we’d suggest packing three bikinis. This allows you to rotate them, ensuring each has ample time to dry.

When selecting bikinis for your carry-on, consider the versatility of each piece. Opt for designs that can be mixed and matched, allowing you to create multiple looks with fewer items.

Additionally, bikinis with quick-drying fabrics can be a lifesaver, ensuring you’re not packing away damp swimwear.

how many bikinis for 7 days

One of the top choices to consider is the Birds of Paradise DD Sweetheart Halter bikini top from Seafolly. It boasts a captivating black, white, and yellow print fabric with a sweetheart neckline. Designed for larger busts, it provides both style and support with hidden underwire, mesh, and side boning.

If You Dislike Wearing Unwashed Bikinis But Want To Pack Light

For those who aren’t keen on the idea of wearing a bikini more than once without washing, but still want to keep luggage light, packing five bikinis for a 10-day holiday is a good rule of thumb.

This allows you to wear each bikini every other day, with the assumption that you’ll rinse or wash them in between wears. Packing a small bottle of gentle detergent can be a game-changer, allowing you to keep your bikinis fresh throughout your holiday.

One of the must-have additions to your suitcase should be the Cachemire Underwired bikini set from Roidal. This set is not only visually striking with its blue and white floral design but also offers optimal comfort with its wrap front underwired cups and adjustable straps.

The adjustable side bikini pant ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to feel both stylish and comfortable.

If You Only Have 7 Days Of Relaxation

For a 7-day relaxation spree, you’d ideally want a fresh bikini for each sun-soaked day by the pool or beach. If you’re aiming to pack light, three to four bikinis should do the trick.

Among the chic choices to consider is the Bamboo Solids Bandeau bikini top from Watercult. Made from a soft textured fabric, this bandeau bikini top is not only vibrant in its intense pink shade but also boasts bamboo detailing, adding a touch of tropical flair.

how many bikinis for a week

The soft moulded cups and ties that wrap around the back and neck ensure a comfortable and flattering fit, the perfect pick for your week-long getaway.

The trick to making the most of your limited space is to consider bikinis that can be mixed and matched, allowing you to create new looks without packing extra. This way, you can have a fresh look every day without overstuffing your suitcase.

If You’re Spending 14 Days In The Sunshine

For a glorious 14-day sun-soaked vacation, you’d want to ensure you’re not only comfortable but also continually turning heads with your beach style. You should bring at least 5 swimsuits. This gives you enough options to mix and match and always have a fresh swimsuit available.

Among the options to pack is the Antagonist Underwired bikini top from Maryan Mehlhorn. This bikini top is a visual treat with its contrasting bi-stretch twill weave fabric in caramel and sand tones.

The underwired design, coupled with adjustable straps, ensures a flattering fit, making it a must-have for longer vacations.

Our research indicates that if you’re planning on frequent dips in the pool, having a few extra bikinis is beneficial. Additionally, packing a mesh beach bag can be handy for keeping wet swimwear separate from other clothes, ensuring the rest of your luggage remains dry and fresh.

How to Choose Which Bikinis to Take

Choosing the right bikini for your vacation can be a delightful yet daunting task.

With so many styles, designs, and brands out there, it’s essential to select pieces that not only flatter your body type but also align with your personal style and the activities you’ll be engaging in.

how many bikinis for 1 week holiday

Explore Different Styles And Designs

Start by considering various bikini styles. Whether you’re into high-waisted bottoms, bandeau tops, triangle tops, or one-pieces, there’s something for everyone.

Think about the activities you’ll be doing. If you’re into water sports, opt for bikinis that offer more coverage and support. On the other hand, if you’re looking to lounge and sunbathe, bandeau and triangle bikinis might be more up your alley.

Consider The Brand And Features

With so many brands out there, it’s essential to look for a high-quality make. For instance, the Honeycomb Cross Front Multi-Fit bikini top from Sea Level, a brand known for its quality and diverse range of designs, is a standout choice.

When evaluating bikinis, look for features that align with your preferences, such as adjustable straps, underwire support, or cutout details.

Think about your comfort, coverage, and support needs, ensuring you choose bikinis that you’ll love wearing throughout your vacation.

Prioritise Comfort And Fit

Comfort should be your top priority. Make sure that the bikinis you choose fit well without digging into your skin or are too loose.

Our findings show that it’s also a good idea to try on bikinis before your trip so that there are no surprises when you’re away.

Remember, a well-fitting bikini not only looks better but also boosts your confidence, allowing you to fully enjoy your beach days.

Think About Fabric And Durability

The material of your bikini is crucial for both comfort and longevity. Check the composition of your chosen pieces. Fabrics like nylon and spandex are great options as they are known for their stretch and durability, ensuring your bikini retains its shape for the duration of your holiday and beyond.

how many bikinis for 2 week holiday

Reflect Your Personal Style

Your bikini should be an extension of your personality. Whether you’re into bold patterns or prefer solid colours, choose pieces that resonate with your fashion sense. This is the best way to look good in a bikini.

Confidence is the best accessory. When you wear a bikini that aligns with your style and makes you feel fabulous, you’ll naturally exude confidence, making your beach days even more enjoyable.

Remember, learning how to be confident in a bikini starts with your comfort.

Factor In Accessories

While the primary focus is on bikinis, don’t forget about complementary accessories. Pairing your bikini with a stylish beach dress, beach hat, or even some statement jewellery can elevate your beach look.

But ultimately, how to wear a bikini is up to you!


Throughout this article, we’ve delved into the nuances of packing bikinis for a 10-day period of much-needed rest and relaxation. From individual preferences to the nature of your vacation and practical considerations, we’ve guided you through various scenarios so you can not only feel but be prepared for your trip.

Simply Beach is a premier destination for high-quality, stylish bikinis that cater to diverse needs and preferences. So, as you ready yourself for your next sun-soaked adventure, browse our selection and find the perfect bikinis for your stay.

Your holiday awaits! 

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