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Joggers Vs Active Leggings: What to wear when?

One of the stylish trends in recent years has been athletic wear. Nowadays, people are wearing items like leggings and tights into the office on casual Fridays! While this might be shocking to those of us with more classic tastes! Joggers and active leggings are now an amazing fashion option. You can see it everywhere, in the office, in the gym, and out on the streets too. However, while shopping, It’s very important to know the differences between these joggers and active leggings. So in this guide, I’ll tell you what joggers and active leggings are and when to wear them. So, Without further ado let us know more information about these pants! 

1. Active leggings:

While a lot of us think that active leggings are only meant for the gym, the truth is that they can be styled as outerwear too. Be it any form of exercise or an activity that involves excessive movement, active leggings are an essential part of workout gear. These active leggings are a great transitional piece and can be worn for running errands as well. Due to their versatility, and stretchability these active leggings can be worn as yoga pants and styled under Kurtis and tops.

When to Wear: 

Pair these active leggings with dresses, tops or tunics during summer and wear them with a sweatshirt or a sweater during winter.

2. Joggers:

Joggers are usually baggy on the top and skinny at the bottom with an extended elastic cuff at the bottom of the legs. Joggers, as the name itself, says, are made for physical activities. They give you maximum comfort and mobility as the materials that are used are meant to be ideal for your athletic needs. Joggers are made from materials like cotton, fleece and polyester.  You can wear these joggers for your morning run/ jog or even while playing sports with your friends or family.

When to wear what: 

Wear these joggers and pair them with a tank top or crop top while running or jogging. You can even wear it as outerwear for a lazy chic look.

Joggers are baggy style pants whereas active leggings are form-fitting stretchy pants. Both offer high comfort and are super stylish and can be worn during exercise. So buy them according to your convenience. At Clovia, we provide various styles of joggers and active leggings with amazing quality that are high on comfort. 



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