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Lingerie Solutions Decoded for Navratri & Durga Pujo Looks

Navratri and Durga Pujo are the two most amazing festivals in India, where people of different cultures come together and celebrate. These festivals are about religious and cultural significance and a time for social gatherings, dancing, and looking your best. Be it Dandiya nights or Durga puja pandal hopping, it’s essential to be prepared with the right essentials. In this blog, I will tell you some crucial elements of preparing for these celebrations which will help you look diva and at the same time you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest. 

Essential Lingerie for Dandiya/Garba Nights

Garba nights are the best time of the year when you can do night-outs with your entire gang & family for 9 straight days. And every day is more energetic than the previous one, how can I forget about different looks for 9 days?

Well, girls’ love for Chanya Choli is incomparable, they literally prepare to wear it for months before Navarati. But have you prepared the right bras for your cholis? Fret not, I have prepared a list of bras that will go with different cholis and the right underwear for your Chanyas.

Right Bras for Different Cholis & Blouses

Needless to say, the right bra will not only protect modesty but also support your bust to dance all night be it garba or Dhunuchi naach. At the same time, it will uplift the entire look and give your confidence a boost. So, without further ado let’s dive into the world of underfashion.

  1. Strapless Bra for Strapless Choli

Strapless Bra for Strapless CholiA strapless choli should always be worn with a strapless bra. Invest in a good strapless bra with silicone edges which prevent the bra from slipping downwards. Along with the silicone edge do look for side boning this stops the bra from rolling downwards.

 If you are planning to dance all night in your strapless choli you can also opt for a strapless bra with transparent silicone straps. This is how you keep your bra in place all night.

  1. Transparent Bra for Backless Choli

It’s that time of the year when you flaunt your sexy, toned back in a backless choli. But at the same time, you want to groove on classic Garba songs or dhaak-er-tale. A silicone bra aka self-adhesive bra won’t help. You need a stronghold to dance all night, only a bra with a transparent back band will support you.

  1. Halter Neck Bra for Halter Neck Choli

Halter Neck Bra for Halter Neck CholiFor all your halter neck cholis and blouses, grab a halter neck bra. The strap goes behind your neck and nothing peeks out from the side.

  1. Plunge Bra for Deep Neck Choli + BR2437A04 

One of the biggest problems that girls face while wearing a deep-neck choli is bra peeking out. If you are a fan of deep neck cholis, always wear a plunge neck bra underneath. 

  1. Balconette Bra for Broad Neck/Square Neck Choli + + BR0228A13 

For all square neck, boat neck or broad neckline blouses/cholis you must wear a balconette bra. A balconette bra has a wide set of straps which goes well with all above said necklines. 

  1. Multiway Bra for All Types of Cholis


All ladies who don’t want to invest in many bras but want to have properties of all bras in one bra should own this multiway T-shirt bra, that too in nude colour. Trust me on this, this bra will be your ultimate favourite.

  1. Ditch Choli and opt for a Bralette


This Navratri you can be a little trendy with your looks. Ditch the same old choli and opt for a nice, dazzling bralette from Clovia’s collection. These bralettes can be paired with any skirt and you can add a layer of sheer shrug if you are not comfortable in showing that much skin.

Bras are sorted, let’s talk about briefs now.

Must-Have Briefs to Protect Modesty During Dandiya Nights

Well, a nice brief will flatter your curves and protect modesty under lehengas/changes. Panties you can wear under your lehengas:

  1. Cycling shorts: You can wear cycling shorts under your skirt. It will provide full coverage, hide bulges and protect modesty. With longer leg openings, cycling shorts prevent rashes which occur due to constant friction between thighs.
  2. Tummy tucker:  These brilliant underwear help contour your waist. You can literally ditch the shapewear and opt for these tummy tuckers. The broad band helps reduce the bugle and provides you with a flattering figure. You can wear them under a saree to achieve a bulge-free curvy look. 


  1. Boyleg Panties: Boyleg panties are a bit shorter than cycling shorts. But they will provide full coverage, hide bulges and protect modesty. With longer leg openings, they also prevent rashes which occur due to constant friction between thighs.


  1. Seamless Panties: The greatest hack to hide panty lines under any outfit is seamless panties. If you are wearing a tight kurti do wear a seamless panty underneath. The ledger cut edges go invisible.


Make sure you have bras and panties that fit well, provide good support, and don’t cause discomfort, especially when you’re planning to dance or participate in long rituals.

Shapewear for Perfect Draping on Ashtami Morning

Well, a Bengali girl can relate to a situation when the entire family is ready on Maha Ashtami morning but you & her mom are struggling to achieve that perfect drape.

The fun fact is when in a hurry it only gets worse. Do you know why you are not getting that flattering silhouette? Because you are wearing that old bulky petticoat. Replace it with sleek and comfortable shapewear for that mermaid-like silhouette. Shapewear can help you achieve a smoother silhouette and enhance your confidence. 



Navratri and Durga Pujo are not just about dressing up and dancing; they are a celebration of culture, tradition, and spirituality. To fully enjoy the festivities, it’s important to feel and look your best. These lingerie and shapewear essentials can help you prepare for the celebrations with confidence and grace. Remember, the key to a memorable Navratri and Durga Puja is not just the external appearance but the inner joy and positive energy you bring to the festivities. So, prepare well and immerse yourself in the spirit of the festivals!

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