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New Delhi During G20 Summit

Delhi is all set to host the G20 summit from 8th-10th September. Regulations, restrictions and diversions have been put into place to ensure everything goes on as smoothly as possible. This two day event will have the most high-profile dignitaries & VVIPS, including the president of USA Joe Biden, the British PM Rishi Sunak and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman

Here’s what to expect in New Delhi from 8th-10th September:

Apart from a few stations with closed entry & exit, the Delhi Metro will operate as per routine.

Online Delivery
All deliveries, including food & ecom parcel deliveries are not allowed in the New Delhi district.

Educational institutes & offices
All schools, public & private offices, including banks will remain closed from 8th-10th September.

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson

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