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Reception Outfits as Per Your Body Type: A Guide for Indian Brides

When it comes to weddings in India, the reception is an event that carries its own significance. It’s the moment when the bride and groom step into the limelight as a married couple, and the reception outfit is what sets the tone for this special occasion. India is a diverse country, every region has its own culture and traditions hence one size does not fit all. Finding the perfect reception outfit that complements your body type while being cohesive to cultural norms can be an amazing yet challenging task.

Why is it a challenging task? Because many women don’t even know their body types, nor do they consult any certified designer before selecting their reception outfit. Since it all boils down to knowing basic body types and what looks good on each let’s discuss them.

1. Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-shaped bodies typically have wider hips and a smaller bust. For Indian girls with this body type, it’s essential to balance proportions. A lehenga choli with an A-line skirt that flares out from the waist is an excellent choice. Opt for a choli that accentuates your upper body, perhaps with intricate embroidery or unique blouse designs. The flare of the lehenga skirt will beautifully mask wider hips while creating an elegant, hourglass silhouette.Pear-Shaped Body

2. Apple-Shaped Body

Apple-shaped bodies are characterized by a broader upper body and narrower hips. To balance this body type, go for Anarkali suits or gowns with a flowing silhouette. These outfits draw attention to the lower half and create an illusion of an elongated torso. Choose fabrics that drape gracefully and consider lighter colors to add a touch of elegance.Apple-Shaped Body

3. Hourglass Body

Women with hourglass figures have well-proportioned busts and hips with smaller waists. For an Indian girl with this body type, sarees and fitted blouses are a great choice. The saree gracefully accentuates your curves, and you can experiment with different draping styles to emphasize your waist. Opt for sarees with delicate embroidery or embellishments that complement your natural shape.Hourglass Body

4. Straight or Rectangle Body

If your body is straight with minimal curves, you can create the illusion of a more defined waist with reception outfits that add volume to your upper and lower halves. Choose lehengas with peplum tops, jacket-style blouses, or layered anarkali suits. These outfits add dimension to your frame and create a more visually appealing figure.Straight or Rectangle Body

5. Plus-Size Body

For Indian girls with plus-size bodies, it’s crucial to select reception outfits that provide both comfort and style. Anarkali suits with A-line kurtas or flowy sarees are fantastic choices. These styles allow you to feel comfortable and confident while showcasing your unique beauty.Plus-Size Body

Hack to Look Good in Your Reception Outfitshapewear

Irrespective of your reception outfit, there is a hack which will accentuate your curves. The hack is wearing a shapewear. If you are 

  1. Wearing a saree, wear a saree shapewear
  2. Wearing an Anarkali suit, wear a bodysuit.
  3. Wearing a gown and you have love handles wear a tummy tucker.
  4. Wearing something which will accentuate your lower body, wear a thigh shaper.

Pairing the right shapewear with your reception outfit will alleviate your entire look.

Final Points Remember

Always consider your traditions and cultures before selecting your redemption outfits. Because on D-day you cannot change your outfit if anyone from your family or in-laws doesn’t feel confident about it. While cultural norms play a significant role, it’s equally important to feel confident and at ease in your reception outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix traditional elements with modern trends, and most importantly, choose something that makes you feel like the radiant bride you are.

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