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Valentine’s Day for Couples of Modern Age

Behold, the day of love is here! A day that celebrates the feeling of love, friendship and all that it brings with it. But in the 21st century, is the concept of having a Valentine and dedicating a day to the feeling of love still hip? In a generation of situationships and casual dating, does meeting “the one” and loving them for life still hold the same relevance? In our everyday lives, we come across all sorts of couples. Let’s delve deeper into the lives of different types of couples and how they like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And, we’d love to know, which couple category do you fall into? 

The Drooling–Over-Each-Other Couple

This is the couple that you’d want to steer clear of if you are single. They make it so obvious that they are in love and hence can’t keep their hands off of each other. If you do, by any bad luck or chance, end up making plans with them, their constant lovey-dovey gestures and nicknames will surely make you suffer. Unless you’re someone who is a die-hard romantic and enjoys all of this. For couples like these, Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal, they usually plan a big date, exchange expensive gifts and spend the day with grand gestures. 

valentines day couples drooling over each other

The Don’t-Make-it-Obvious-Couple

They’re dating, but they wouldn’t make it obvious to others. Why? The reason could be anything, “buri nazar”, friends’ remarks they don’t want to hear, family restrictions etc etc. Their soft glances and romantic advances make it obvious that they are dating but it’s a whole “they don’t know that we know, they know” scene. Needless to say, their Valentine’s Day is celebrated away from anyone’s gaze, like a couple’s getaway.

valentines day couples who dont make it obvious

The We’re-Above-All-These-Things-Couple

A day, to celebrate love? This couple doesn’t believe in it. They don’t think a day is needed to celebrate their profound love for each other. They would rather spend each day intertwined with each other’s love. A day is not enough, or rather not needed. 

valentines day couples- we are above all this

The It’s-Just-Another-Day-Couple

This couple considers Valentine’s Day as, yes you guessed it, just another day. So what if the world is drunk on love? They don’t care for it at all. Deep down inside, they don’t care for the relationship or in fact for each other at all too. Yes, the textbook definition of a toxic relationship or toxic couple. So, instead of celebrating V-day, they disregard it completely. 

valentines day couples who act like its just another day

The Secretly-Wish-To-Celebrate-it-But-Don’t-Wanna-Say 

Couples who come in this category want to celebrate the day but they don’t want to express it. They secretly wish their partners would understand and do something special for them, but without them having to ask. I mean, it’s good if your partner understands your needs but sometimes communicating your desires would not harm. Speak up, tell your partner you want this day to be special or make it special for the two of you! 

valentines day couples who secretly wishes to celebrate

No matter what couple category you fall into, celebrating Valentine’s Day is indeed a personal choice. But here’s a thought, deep down inside, aren’t we all craving for something extraordinary? Something that gives us a break from the monotony of everyday life. Surely, love doesn’t need a day, you can celebrate it every single day but how many couples actually do that? Why keep only birthdays & anniversaries to make your partner feel special? Whether you shower your partner with gifts or whisper sweet nothings, if you can, just make this V-day special in any small way that you can.  

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson

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