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What Is The Best Fabric for Your Panties?

Being mindful of what your underwear is crafted from can save you from a host of vaginal health problems like irritation and infections. Do you know that there are certain fabrics that keep your vag healthy and also there are certain fabrics that cause irritation, itchiness and rashes? These unspoken underwear facts can have an impact on your vaginal health and depending on the style, it can even affect your mood or even worse, ruin your day!

Undergarments are a piece of clothing that is closest to your skin. And most women generally don’t pay attention while buying panties. We totally forget that our panties are just as, or even more, important than outerwear. To burst the bubble, we have to tell you that it is very much important and we need to pay equal attention to our underwear closet too. Because if you wear panties that are not breathable, it causes irritation, rashes and a lot more problems. So to avoid that you must buy your underwear mindfully. In this guide, we’ll tell you what fabric is best for your panties and how to choose them correctly. Let’s get started!

Good fabric options if you want your favourite panties to stay a little longer with you:

Apart from styles, choosing panties that are made from the right fabric is very important. Panties that are made of breathable and soft fabric are the most important points to remember while shopping for panties.


Cotton is all-natural and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Natural fabrics like cotton fabric are highly breathable and allow air circulation. This is a go-to fabric irrespective of any season. It is a highly breathable fabric which makes it ideal for panties. Cotton fabric is a good option for everyday use. These cotton panties are the best for summer and winter for daily use.


Another approved synthetic fibre used in underwear is polyamide. It is one of the strongest of all raw textile fibres, even when it’s wet. It is much more elastic compared to all other natural fibres. It is easy to maintain, doesn’t burl like polyester and cotton and rarely creases. It feels super soft against the skin, and has good resistance against sebum and moisture.


Modal fabric is extracted from highly processed beech-tree pulp. It’s a natural and eco-friendly version of viscose and has recently started to show up as a substitute for cotton because of its remarkably soft, smooth feel and moisture absorbing nature. Depending on the construction of the fabric, modal can provide better breathability than cotton.


No other fabric can give you the luxury that satin gives. This fabric can be a good option for all your special nights. Satin is a luxurious, smooth, soft fabric that feels silky soft on your skin. These are perfect choices for lounging around or when you want to pamper yourself.


This is another amazing fabric that makes your regular panties a little more interesting and fancy. It sits on your skin seamlessly and feels light and weightless. These panties let you do any activity without any kind of discomfort. These fancy silk panties are practical as well as pretty. By allowing air to flow, wicking moisture away from the skin and letting it evaporate, and being naturally hypoallergenic and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, silk makes an ideal choice for practicality as well as luxury.


For all those special nights with your loved one, you can simply go with sexy and seducing lace panties. These panties are especially popular not just for their soft feel, but also for their soothing and comfy feel on the skin as well. These panties are transparent and seamless too. Lace panties serve the advantage of sheer coverage as it disappears under tight clothing and leaves the surface of your outfits smooth and neat. As the fabric is very thin, it’s not suitable for winters unless you wear enough layers. One important thing to remember is that make sure you buy them from good brands because poor quality lace can cause itching and irritation. 

And for all your problems Clovia is the solution. Transform your panty collection with a feminine touch and pretty designs that’ll serve the fashionista within you. Now’s a great time to upgrade your old boring panties to intricately designed styles that comprise hipster panties, boyshorts, thongs, and bikini panties crafted from fabrics like lace, polyamide, and modal and cotton. Choose the style best suitable for your needs and outfit option, cause’ we are here to provide quality products.

Now you know what all fabrics are ideal for your panties. And now is the time to buy them. Ladies, it’s not cool to just ignore what kind of fabric you choose for your panties. It is really important to choose the right fabric if you want to avoid havoc. 


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