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Yeovil Town Ladies visit Orchid Lingerie!

We were really pleased to welcome Yeovil Town Ladies to the Corsetry Chalet a couple of weeks ago to properly fit the entire team for sports bras ahead of their match against Liverpool.

The Glovers play in the Women’s Super League, which is the top tier of women’s football. Their home ground is The Clayson Stadium in Dorchester and for the first time this season, the team are full-time professional footballers, training 20 hours per week in preparation for weekend matches.

Sherrie-Jane Jackson undertook the fittings to ensure they were properly equipped.

Women wearing the wrong size bra is a very common problem which can be detrimental to their health. As athletes, the wrong size bra can also negatively affect performance. Although we all want to do our best at whatever sport we choose to play, clearly when it comes to professional athletes, anything that can help give an additional sporting edge is vital.

We were grateful for the thanks we received from the team who have gone on to play matches wearing their new sports bras.

If you regularly play sport then please book an appointment and visit us for your free fitting. We think you’ll be amazed at the difference in comfort levels that come with wearing a properly fitted, high quality sports bra. And not only will you be more comfortable but you’ll be looking after the health of your body too.