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Best Bikini for Rectangle Body Shape

Oh, the joys of finding the perfect bikini! We all know the feeling of wanting to look our best on the beach, and for those of us with a rectangle body shape, there’s a world of stylish options waiting. 

That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you learn more about your shape, find what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly discover the best bikini for a rectangle body shape

Let’s go! 

What this article covers:

Defining the Rectangle Body Type

The rectangle body shape, often dubbed the “runway model” physique, boasts an evenly proportioned bust and hip ratio. Other characteristics include a small bust, near-equal shoulder and hip width, and slight waist definition.

Our research indicates that this shape is the darling of many fashion designers because of its adaptability to a myriad of bikini styles. 

So, if you’re rocking the rectangle shape, get ready to turn heads and drop jaws on the beach!

best bikinis for rectangle body shape

How to Select a Bikini for the Rectangle Body Type

Alright, rectangle-shaped ladies, let’s decode the bikini conundrum! With your straight-line silhouette, we suggest that you should go for designs that highlight and flatter your physique.  

Ruffles? They’re like the cherry on top, giving a playful boost to the bust or hips. Frills and patterns? Consider them your trusty sidekicks, adding a dash of volume and intrigue right where you want it.

But here’s the golden rule: don’t just fall for any bikini that winks your way. Be picky! Choose brands that scream quality and radiate style. 

With Seafolly bikinis, you’re not just wearing a brand; you’re embracing a legacy of beach elegance and comfort.

best swimsuit for rectangle body shape

Best Bikini Style for the Rectangle Body Type

We’re about to explore a curated list of bikini styles that are not just trendy but also tailored to accentuate the rectangle body shape, adding volume where it’s desired, from top to bottom. 

Along the way, we’ll teach you a couple of tricks on how to look good in a bikini with small breasts.

Best Bikini Tops

If you’re looking to add a sprinkle of curves to your chic silhouette,, a halterneck bikini top and ruffled designs are a go-to choice. 

Why? They artfully enhance the bust area, giving it that sought-after curvy illusion. They are also worthy of mention when considering the best bikinis for older women.

best swimsuit style for rectangle body shape

Best Bikini Bottoms

Your naturally sleek silhouette is like a blank canvas, and with the right bikini bottom, we can paint a picture of playful curves and sass. 

Side ties and ruching are our secret weapons, adding a flirty dimension to your hips. And if you’re dreaming of legs that seem to go on forever, high-cut designs are the answer (and one of the best bikinis for petite frames).

But remember, while style is essential, never compromise on comfort and quality. A bikini that digs in or feels out of place can quickly rain on your beach parade. 

Topped with a summer hat from our collection, you’ll be protected from the sun’s rays while amplifying your beach chic look.

Styles the Rectangle Body Type Should Avoid

Now, while the world of fashion is vast and varied, some styles naturally complement our straight-line silhouette more than others. 

For instance, bandeau tops, especially the simpler ones, might not give your bust that extra oomph you’re craving. And those super low-rise bottoms? They’re fun, but might not always highlight our hips the way other cuts can. 

Here’s the golden nugget of wisdom: It’s all about how YOU feel in your swimwear. If you’re rocking a piece and it makes you feel like the queen of the beach, then darling, you’ve found your perfect match! 

best swimsuits for square body


Finding the perfect bikini for the rectangle body shape is a delightful journey of self-discovery and fashion exploration. Just remember to play with styles that add volume to your bust and waist.

At Simply Beach, we have many fun options that do just that!

So don’t hesitate. Plunge into our collection and find your beach-ready look today.

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