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Best Bikinis for Smaller Boobs


When it comes to buying bikinis, boob size is a big deal. You want your bikini to be comfortable, flattering and fit well. For our smaller boobed friends out there, having a smaller bust for bikinis can be quite an advantage. You can get away with much more risque cutaway styles as you can be less worried about popping out when you’re moving around, you need less support, and so many different styles of bikini look awesome on you.



Before reading you can consider checking out A brief history of the bikini. 


To enhance that chest, go for ruffles, push up styles, strappy detailing and embellishment, perfect for adding more attention and giving that fuller effect.


If that’s not your bag and you’re perfectly happy with your size, bandeaus, triangles, and high neck tops are ideal at suiting your small frame.


Best Bikinis for Smaller Boobs

Mikumi Boro bandeau bikini top & matching bikini bottoms


Whether you want to boost your assets or rock what you’re working with, here are a few of our favourite bikini styles perfect for your size…  


Best Bikinis for Smaller Boobs

Mabel Tri bikini top & matching bikini bottoms 


Best Bikinis for Smaller Boobs

 Best Bikinis for Smaller Boobs

Lace Yero bikini top & matching bikini bottoms


Shop our full bikini collection at Simply Beach, and also check out our guide for the best bikinis for bigger boobs!  


And just remember, every bust size is beautiful!


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