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Best Colour Swimsuit for Pale Skin

We’re on a mission to uncover the best colour swimsuit for pale skin, ensuring every woman feels radiant and confident in what they wear.

From cool undertones to warm hues and neutral shades that balance in between, we’re here to guide you to find the swimsuit that matches your glow.

Let’s explore the best womens swimwear colours that promise to make you shine.

What this article covers:

Swimwear to Compliment Your Pale Skin Tone

Selecting the best swimsuits that complement your pale skin tone is all about understanding the nuances of your complexion and choosing colours that harmonise with it. Whether your skin has cool, warm, or neutral undertones, there’s a palette of shades that will naturally enhance your look.

Cool Undertone

For those with cool undertones and pale skin, the best swimming costume colours are those that complement the natural coolness of your complexion.

Aim for colours like mint, lavender, soft blues, and emerald greens. These hues work beautifully with cool undertones, enhancing the natural lightness of your skin without overpowering it.

For an exquisite example, consider the Collective Halter Bandeau Swimsuit from Seafolly. This mint-coloured one-piece marvellously captures the essence of cool undertones with its soft, inviting tone.

It features soft cups, side boning, and gripper tape for a secure fit. You can wear it as a halter with wide ties around the neck or go for a strapless look by tying a bow at the bust.

Similarly, the Ombre Flow Swimsuit from Watercult, with its knitted stretch fabric in soothing blue, white, and yellow ombre print, offers a square neck style, adjustable straps, and a clip back for optimum support.

what colour swimsuit for pale skin

Warm Undertone

Our research indicates that selecting the right swimsuit colour for pale skin with a warm undertone means gravitating towards hues that mirror the warmth of your complexion.

Think earthy reds, coral, peach, gold, and warm pastels. These colours complement warm undertones beautifully by adding a subtle glow to your skin

The Sea Dive Cut Out Swimsuit from Seafolly will do just that. In fuchsia rose pink, this piece features an eye-catching cut-out at the side and back, a low scooped open back, and a regular leg line, offering a blend of bold style and comfort.

The swimsuit is also equipped with removable cups and an internal shelf bra, adding shape and providing support.

Neutral Undertone

For those with neutral undertones and pale skin, the swimwear colour palette is wonderfully broad. Feel free to experiment with a range of colours.

Since neutral undertones don’t lean too cool or too warm, cool and warm colours will complement your complexion. Soft, muted colours like greys, off-whites, and soft pastels can look stunning, as can richer, deeper shades like navy, forest green, and burgundy.

For an elegant and flattering choice, consider the Rock Solid Wrapsody Swimsuit from Miraclesuit in a classy turquoise. This piece is designed to make you look lighter in seconds, thanks to the Miratex fabric that provides all-over body control, shaping, and slimming.

The halter look with a plunging V-neck wrap style and soft moulded cups enhances your figure, while the cleverly draped fabric also helps to conceal the tummy.

Based on our observations, another stunning option is the Brasil Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit from Roidal, featuring a fabulous turquoise ombre that transitions from dark blue at the bottom to a lovely lime green at the top.

best swimsuit colors for pale skin

This classic bandeau style with soft cups and ruching across the tummy is designed to flatter, with an optional neck strap for added versatility.

Tips for Choosing the Best Swimsuit Colours for Pale Skin

Choosing the best swimsuit colours for pale skin doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few expert tips, you can easily find hues that not only complement your skin tone but also boost your confidence at the beach or pool.

We at Simply Beach feature only the best black swimsuits, the best swimsuits for swimming, and the best sustainable swimwear UK has on offer.

Embrace Contrast

Don’t shy away from colours that offer a bit of contrast to your pale skin. While you might think bold colours could look overwhelming, they can highlight your skin’s natural beauty. Just ensure the contrast isn’t too stark to avoid looking washed out.

Consider Fabric And Texture

The material and texture of a swimsuit can also impact how its colour looks on your skin. Shiny fabrics can reflect light and make colours appear brighter, while matte finishes might soften the tone.

Our findings show that textured fabrics, like ruching or crochet, can add depth and interest, making the colour more flattering.

Test In Natural Light

When trying on swimsuits, make sure to check how the colours look in natural light. Store lighting can be deceiving, and a colour that looks great indoors might not have the same appeal under the sun.


Finding the perfect swimsuit colour for pale skin has never been easier, thanks to the insights and tips we’ve shared. By understanding your skin’s undertone—be it cool, warm, or neutral—you can select swimwear that not only complements but also enhances your natural complexion.

Whether it’s the elegance of the Rock Solid Wrapsody swimsuit or the vibrant charm of the Sea Dive Cut Out piece, each swimsuit we’ve highlighted from Simply Beach is designed to make you look and feel your best.

So, as you prepare for your next beach getaway or poolside retreat, keep these tips in mind. Visit us at Simply Beach for an exquisite collection of swimsuits for pale skin.

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