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Best Fabric For Nightwear For Every Season

I don’t have to explain the importance of a good night’s sleep, this is something you already know. I can help you with how to achieve a deep sleep daily and feel refreshed in the morning. Certainly, the right night-time outfit helps your body relax faster, making you fall into a deep sleep. 

You might have one favourite tee and pj’s for the bedroom but that’s not enough. Since India has diverse weather conditions you can’t stick to one type of nightwear across the year. The selection of nightwear should be according to the weather conditions. The fabric of nightwear determines the comfort in different seasons.

Best Nightwear Fabrics for Summers

The summer season starts in mid-April and ends towards the mid of October. During these 8 months, the weather doesn’t remain the same. Initially, it’s dry & warmer in April & May will hot winds making day time warmer. The fabrics which your lounging & night-time better are

  • Cotton: Soft & breathable cotton is all time favourite of Indians. Cover up yourself in light and airy cotton fabric to tackle heat waves. The reason why you need to wear a covered outfit is weather is too dry, and it can lead to moisture loss in your body. One of the biggest advantages of cotton is it collects moisture. Hence wearing covered cotton nightwear clothes minimises the moisture loss from your body and your skin remains soft. At night, you can opt for less covered nightwear styles.
  • Lightweight Cotton Crepe: It’s scorching hot from mid-May to mid-June. From mid-June, July & August are hot and terribly humid. During this time lightweight cotton crepe fabric can be your best pick for nightwear & loungewear. Crepe is a weaving technique that makes the fabric a bit stretchy and textured. This fabric doesn’t stick to the skin and feels super-light. As a result, improved air circulation keeps your body cool and helps evaporate sweat faster.

What Fabric Would Be Perfect for Nightwear in Transition Weather? 

After August transition period starts and we gradually move towards colder days. Hence the same fabric might not work that well. However, you can still wear light, airy nightwear but wearing which is made for this season would be the best.

  • Viscose: In September, the weather starts to get cooler and you will notice less humidity in the air. Viscose is a plant-based fabric that is way too soft. It is a semi-synthetic fabric and versatile enough to provide comfort as per the temperature. Viscose silk fabric keeps your body cool in summers and warm in winters. Hence it could be an ideal fabric for the transitions season that can be seen in September.
  • Modal: is a nice alternative to cotton, and it’s eco-friendly as well because its cultivation requires less water than cotton. This fabric is softer, sturdier than cotton and doesn’t pile up. Modal is a highly absorbent fabric and doesn’t hold moisture, hence it could be a nice pick for nightwear in humid weather.
  • Flannel Cotton: October is quite nice and only the afternoon will feel like summer. Since nights are cooler you might need something cosy and warm. In this kind of weather cotton flannel fabric would be the best pick for nightwear. It’s fuzzy, warm and keeps you bundled up.  

Best Nightwear Fabrics for Winters

November, December, January and February are winter months. Nightwear crafted with cotton flannel will do nicely in November & February, but when it’s way too cold in December & January you need something else.

  • Fleece: It’s a soft, fuzzy and warm fabric made from wool. It’s perfect for chilly weather it keeps you warm. Today’s typical fleece comes in a variety of fibres. Cotton-rich fleece is breathable and keeps you warm too.
  • Wool Loop Knit: This fabric is extremely soft and warm. It’s comfortable to wear and has great breathability.  It will keep you warm on chilly winter nights.

Now that you know which fabric works well in which season, I am sure you will the perfect one for you. It’s time to pick amazing nightwear from Clovia.  

In India, women wear nighties from late spring to early autumn. Most of the time, the weather is hot and during the monsoon, it’s humid as well. Considering the terrible weather conditions, cotton is one of the best fabrics for nighties from April to October. Talking about the other nightwear styles, in summer cotton is on top priority for all of them.

When winter starts, we change our dressing style. Cotton will do in early winter too and maintain the body temperature accordingly. But when it’s harsh winter especially from late December to early February, fleece can be a better option to keep you warm & cosy.

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