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Best Swimsuit for Aqua Aerobics UK

On the hunt for the best swimsuit for aqua aerobics UK? You’re in the right splash zone! We’re here to guide you through the sea of options to find that perfect swimwear gem that flatters while providing practical functionality for your aqua aerobics workouts.

From the supportive embrace of the Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit to the vibrant charm of the Sheila Tank Swimsuit, we’ve got the scoop on the top contenders that blend style with serious aqua-fitness utility. 

Get ready to dive into the best swimsuits!

What this article covers:

Swimsuits for Aqua Aerobics

Based on our observations, when it comes to aqua aerobics not just any swimsuit will do. You need a durable, feature-rich option to keep up with your water-based exercises. We’ve handpicked a selection of the best womens swimwear that stands out in the pool for their performance.

Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit

From our list of best black swimsuits, the Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit is a sporty piece designed to enhance your aqua aerobics experience with its sleek black silhouette and eye-catching contrasting white stitching.

The round neck style provides a secure fit, perfect for the dynamic movements of water workouts. It comes equipped with a shelf bra, offering essential support for a worry-free exercise session.

The contrasting white stitch lines serve a dual purpose, adding a stylish flair while contouring the body to create a hydrodynamic appearance.

Sheila Tank Swimsuit

Step into the spotlight with the Sheila Tank Swimsuit by Nuria Ferrer. The turquoise chain detailing makes it a standout piece for any aqua fitness enthusiast looking for a touch of style.

The classic tank style provides a familiar and flattering fit, while the soft moulded cups offer support and shape, ensuring you look and feel your best.

best swimsuit for water aerobics

Adjustable straps cater to your comfort during vigorous aqua aerobics sessions. Moreover, the swimsuit is designed with tummy control, subtly sculpting your silhouette for an added boost of confidence.

Floral Rainbows Twist Front Swimsuit

The Floral Rainbows Twist Front Swimsuit from Charmline features a vibrant abstract floral print set against a crisp white background, accented with a sleek black neckline, straps, and back for a striking contrast.

The twist front style, combined with soft moulded cups, enhances the bust area. Tummy ruching and light tummy control gently smooth and shape your midsection, providing a secure feel.

Bel Air Mio Bandeau Swimsuit

Make a splash in the Bel Air Mio Bandeau Swimsuit by Lauren Ralph Lauren, a stunning sapphire blue ensemble accented with a chic contrasting white band at the neckline, complete with elegant wide straps that tie at the neck.

This swimsuit is the epitome of poolside elegance, offering a bandeau style that allows for a seamless tan while providing ample support with its sewn-in soft cups.

Plus, the shaping fit of this classic look swimsuit is designed to contour and flatter your figure.

Floreale Soft Cup Swimsuit

To round off the collection, the Floreale Soft Cup Swimsuit from Roidal is where meets classic appeal in an easy-fit design adorned with soft cups and delicate gathering to one side.

The shaped neckline flatters the decolletage, while the iconic Roidal scoop back offers a timeless look. The inclusion of soft cups provides gentle support without compromising comfort.

best swimsuit for water aerobics

The slight gathering on one side not only adds an element of design interest but also subtly enhances your natural curves, making the Floreale Soft Cup Swimsuit a must-have for any swimwear collection.

Best Swimsuit for Aqua Aerobics

Let’s break down the essential features that set the best swimsuits for swimming apart, making them the ideal choices for your water workouts.

Supportive Construction

Supportive construction in swimwear is essential for aqua aerobics, providing the necessary support and stability required during high-energy water workouts and keeping you confident as you move.

Our research indicates that swimsuits with supportive features such as underwire, shelf bras, or power mesh provide targeted support, beneficial for high-impact activities in the water.

These elements help in maintaining the swimsuit’s shape, reducing the risk of discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions during vigorous movements.

We at Simply Beach offer a range of swimming costumes designed with this in mind, catering to the needs of aqua aerobics enthusiasts who prioritise both functionality in their swimwear choices.

Ample Coverage

Coverage in swimwear is key for aqua aerobics, ensuring that you can focus on your workout without worrying about adjusting your suit or feeling exposed.

Swimwear with higher necklines, longer leg cuts, or full-coverage backs can offer the assurance and freedom needed to fully engage in your exercise routine.

Our selection includes options that give coverage without sacrificing style, ensuring that every woman can find a swimsuit that makes her feel confident and protected during her aqua aerobics sessions.

Freedom To Move

Our findings show that freedom to move is paramount in swimwear designed for aqua aerobics, ensuring that each twist, stretch, and kick is performed with ease and without restriction.

best swimsuit for aqua aerobics

Swimsuits with stretchable materials, adjustable straps, and thoughtfully placed seams can enhance performance and comfort during workouts. That’s why we’ve curated a range of swimsuits that embody these characteristics.


There you have it! The best swimsuit for aqua aerobics in the UK that celebrates your style and champions your performance in the water.

From the sleek and supportive Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit to the vibrant and versatile Sheila Tank Swimsuit, each piece we’ve explored offers unique advantages for your aquatic endeavours.

The key lies in choosing swimwear that aligns with your needs: supportive constructions for enhanced comfort, ample coverage for assured confidence and freedom of movement for seamless agility.

Simply Beach stands ready to outfit you with swimwear that meets these criteria. Peruse our collection and discover the swimsuit that complements your lifestyle.

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