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Best Swimsuit for Wild Swimming

When it comes to finding the best swimsuit for wild swimming, we understand the desire for swimwear suited to conquering untamed waters. The right swimsuit must endure the elements, withstand wear and tear, provide sufficient coverage, and give you a strong boost of confidence when swimming outdoors.

Today, we’re unpacking our favourite picks for wild swimming, diving into the specifics of what makes each swimsuit unique. We’ll walk you through our curated selection, spotlighting everything from the sculpting prowess of Miraclesuit to Seafolly’s eye-catching designs.

Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s dive in!

What this article covers:

Our Top Picks for Outdoor Swimming

When it comes to outdoor swimming, the right swimming costume for women can enhance your experience, blending performance with a dash of aesthetic appeal. Based on our observations, we’ve curated a list of top-performing swimsuits that excel in the wild waters, each bringing something special to the table.

Let’s explore these gems, shall we?

Rock Solid Regatta Swimsuit From Miraclesuit

The Rock Solid Regatta swimsuit is a testament to Miraclesuit’s dedication to form-flattering swimwear. Crafted from their signature Miratex fabric, it offers full body control, shaping, and slimming.

The design features soft cups and a boat neckline, cleverly minimising the bust and employing ruching to conceal the tummy.

Made from a mix of nylon and spandex, this swimsuit combines aesthetic appeal with practical design elements, making it an excellent choice for wild swimming.

Fleur De Bloom Cap Sleeve Swimsuit From Seafolly

Seafolly’s Fleur de Bloom Cap Sleeve swimsuit offers a high-neck style with ample coverage, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The high front and cap sleeves provide sun protection, while the open back adds a stylish flair.

best swimsuit for open water swimming

With a shelf bra, removable quick-dry cups, and a neck clip for easy wear, this piece screams functionality. The evergreen colour and white leaf design are a perfect match for your wild swimming adventures. Made from recycled nylon and elastane, it’s a sustainable choice that doesn’t compromise on flair.

Softline Wrap Swimsuit From Maryan Mehlhorn

Embodying understated sophistication, the Softline Wrap Swimsuit from Maryan Mehlhorn boasts a subtle V-neck and a wrap silhouette accented with pin-tuck detailing at the bust.

Our findings show that its adjustable straps ensure a custom fit, while the soft shell fabric, a blend of polyamide and elastane, offers a contouring effect and a luxurious feel.

With super shaping technology, this piece, characterised by its solid colour and refined details, reflects the Softline range’s commitment to simplicity and elegance.

Seychelles Zip Back Swimsuit From Seafolly

The Seychelles Zip Back swimsuit from Seafolly captures the essence of the ocean with its Azure blue and white print.

This high-neck design, complemented by capped sleeves, offers both sophistication and comfort. It comes equipped with an internal shelf bra and removable cups for added flexibility, ensuring you get the shape and support you desire.

Crafted from recycled nylon and elastane, this zip-back swimsuit is not only eco-conscious but also promises a snug fit, making it an excellent choice for both sunbathing and taking the dip.

Jetset High Neck Swimsuit From Jets

In a striking sapphire blue, the Jetset High Neck swimsuit from Jets exudes elegance. The high neck is balanced by a low back with cross-back straps that provide a secure fit.

Internally, the swimsuit features a shelf bra and optional cups. Our research indicates that this allows for customisable shape and tailored support. Its composition of microfibre nylon and elastane blends durability with comfort.

best swimsuit for outdoor swimming

This piece perfectly marries functionality with high-fashion sensibilities, ideal for those seeking both style and performance.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Swimsuit for Wild Swimming?

Picking the right swimsuit for wild swimming is not just about looks! You need a suit that flexes with you, stays put, and can handle the elements. So, what should be on your checklist?

Let’s break it down:


Look for swimsuits that offer flexibility, ensuring easy, unrestricted movement as you navigate through varying water currents and conditions. This is particularly important in wild swimming, where adaptability to diverse natural scenarios is key.

A flexible swimsuit is key if you’re looking for the best sports bikini, ensuring your movements remain unhindered as you train.

Coverage And Support

Opt for styles that provide sufficient coverage and support. For wild swimming, which involves activities like diving, jumping, or battling against currents, having a swimsuit that accommodates these varying activities is essential.

Adequate coverage ensures you are protected against the elements, while proper support is vital, especially for women with larger busts. Look for features like built-in bras and wide straps.

If you need extra lift and shaping, consider purchasing an underwired swimsuit.

These elements work together to provide a secure fit, preventing any wardrobe mishaps and allowing you to focus on your swim​. A swimsuit with these characteristics is also the best swimsuit for aqua aerobics.

best swimsuits for wild swimming


Choose swimsuits made from resilient fabrics like nylon or elastane, known for their ability to endure the rigours of natural water environments. Nylon is lightweight and known for its ability to stretch, which provides comfort and conforms to the silhouette.

When it comes to the best surf bikini, durability is non-negotiable; your swimsuit must withstand the salt, sun, and surf, time and time again.


We’ve navigated through exceptional swimsuit options that are perfect for embracing the wild waters, highlighting key features from high-neck designs to shaping technology. We also detailed a few features you should consider when picking a swimsuit.

Whether it’s the body-contouring Miraclesuit, Seafolly’s vibrant patterns, or Jets’ elegant simplicity, each choice offers something unique. Now, it’s over to you to select the suit that resonates with your taste and needs.

Dive into Simply Beach’s collection and make your next wild swimming adventure not just a sport but a statement.

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