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Best Swimsuits for Swimming

The best swimsuits for swimming laps stay secure so you can focus on your stroke, undeterred. But finding one that meets your sports needs can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’re here to change that.

Today, we’re listing a few of our favourite swimsuits, each offering practical features. For instance, the Sheila Tank Swimsuit exemplifies timeless design with its soft moulded cups while the Floreale Soft Cup Swimsuit by Roidal offers a classic scoop back and side gathering for a sculpted look.

So, tie up your hair, ladies, and let’s dive into finding that perfect swimsuit that makes you feel unstoppable in the water!

Best Swimsuits for Lap Swimming

Based on our observations, when it comes to swimming laps, not just any swimsuit will do. You need a blend of comfort, support, and hydrodynamics to help you glide through the water with ease. We’ve rounded up some top-notch swimming costumes that tick all these boxes and more.

Without further delay, here are our best womens swimwear options.

Sheila Tank Swimsuit

First up on our list of best swimsuits for laps is the Sheila Tank Swimsuit by Nuria Ferrer, a masterpiece that combines a timeless design with thoughtful features for the discerning swimmer.

This swimsuit stands out with its turquoise chain detail adding a touch of sophistication to the traditional tank style. The inclusion of soft moulded cups provides a flattering fit, while adjustable straps offer personalised support.

best training swimsuits

Not to be overlooked, the swimsuit’s tummy control feature provides a smooth silhouette, making it an ideal choice for those seeking performance.

Floreale Soft Cup Swimsuit

Step into the sun-kissed embrace of summer with the Floreale Soft Cup Swimsuit by Roidal, where comfort meets blooming elegance in every stitch.

Designed with a shaped neckline that flatters the decolletage, this swimsuit features soft cups that provide gentle support without compromising on comfort.

The classic Roidal scoop back offers a timeless appeal, while the slight gathering to one side enhances the silhouette, creating a subtly sculpted look.

Pixel Palmas Revele Swimsuit

Seeking a splash of colour? Embrace vibrancy with the Pixel Palmas Revele Swimsuit by Miraclesuit, a piece that promises to turn heads.

This delightful piece features a lively print that captures the essence of exotic getaways. The V-neck and wrap detail over the bust enhance your curves, while the moulded foam cups with underwire provide exceptional support and shaping.

Padded straps ensure comfort is never compromised, even during extended wear. Our research indicates that the swimsuit’s cleverly draped fabric not only conceals the tummy but also supports, shapes, and slims, thanks to the innovative Miratex fabric known for its allover body control capabilities.

Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit

Sail into the sporty side of swimwear with the Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit by Lidea, where sleek design meets aquatic athleticism in a stunning monochrome palette.

Crafted in classic black and accented with contrasting white stitching for a visually streamlined effect, this number, with its round neck style, offers a contemporary fit, ideal for those who prefer a bit more coverage. We love it so much, we’ll even call it one of the best black swimsuits we offer!

best competition swimsuit

The contrasting white stitch lines not only add a touch of elegance but also enhance the swimsuit’s slimming effect, making it a stylish yet practical choice for any water-bound adventure.

Elements Ruched Underwired Swimsuit

Lastly, the Elements Ruched Underwired Swimsuit by Maryan Mehlhorn is a stunning piece in this season’s freshest Kiwi green, designed to make waves both in and out of the water.

Our findings show that the expertly crafted ruching at the front adds interest, drawing the eye. Underwire support keeps you feeling secure while providing lift, and the double narrow adjustable straps let you adjust the swimsuit to your body.


Embarking on the quest for the perfect swimsuit has led us to uncover some gems. From the classic Sheila Tank Swimsuit to the alluring Pixel Palmas Revele swimsuit, each piece we’ve showcased is designed to make you feel your best while swimming.

Not to mention the slimming functionality of the Marine Mindset Round Neck Swimsuit, with its streamlined aesthetic that will enhance your sense of motion.

As you gear up for your workout, remember that the right swimsuit can transform your swimming experience. Visit us at Simply Beach today and make waves this season.

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