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Best Swimwear and Swimsuits for Plus-Size in 2024

Anyone can look great on the beach or by the pool if they know how to make the right style choices. When it comes to fashion, the swimwear you buy can make a real difference to how confident you feel; but with so much on offer, how do you find the right look if you’re plus sized? Well fear not, this guide will explain exactly how, so that you can really enjoy your time by the water at home or on your holidays and help you find the shape and size swimsuits that will suit your body best.

Best Swimwear and Swimsuits for Plus-Size in 2024

Body Shape

When it comes to swimwear, the most important factor to remember is to dress according to your body shape. We all have different body sizes, but if you choose swimwear based on your shape, this will enhance your best assets and disguise parts of your body which you are less confident about revealing. Remember this when you’re trying on swimwear and never be afraid to try different styles before you commit to making a purchase. The below features a brief description of the main female body shapes:

Apple – Your weight is in your bust and hips and the legs are smaller in size. If you are shopping for bikinis, look for high-waisted bottoms. You could even go for a high leg cut which will show off your slim pins. If you are shopping for a bathing suit, then try a one-piece swimsuit which has a lower neckline, wider, adjustable straps and a style which offers tummy control

Pear – Your weight collects around your bottom and hips, with a smaller waist line and shoulders. If you are shopping for bikinis, then try a bright bandeau style teamed with a single block colour or even a halter top style bikini. The best swimsuit styles for pear shapes are those which draw the eye to the waist and upper body. A swimsuit with a plunging neckline would be really flattering as would a one-shoulder design.

Hourglass – Shape is defined by a wide bust and hips with a narrower waist. There are many styles which would suit an hourglass shape. You could try a cut-out swimsuit or one with a high neckline. Bikini styles which offer the most flattering fit for a plus size woman with an hourglass shape include bikini tops with built-in underwire cups or those which have removable cups. That way those with large busts will benefit from extra support up top. High-waisted bikinis also look amazing on hourglass shapes. Just make sure if you do have big boobs, you team your bikini bottom with a bra size bikini top offering a lot of support.

Rectangle – Straight shoulder line, hips and bottom with not much definition on the waist. If you are looking for a plus size swimsuit for a rectangle shaped body, then you’ll want to pick a style which creates a waist. Retro, high waisted bikini bottoms can do this, whilst also offering full coverage across the bottom. If you are looking for something skimpier, why not look through our string bikinis and team with a tie-side bottom. The good news about this body shape is that you can wear almost any style and it will look great. Why not try some of the more classic styles of one piece swimsuits. You can choose the colour and pattern which you are most drawn to and you feel will offer the most flattering look.

Once you know which category you fall into, it will be easier to dress your best, feel great, and look fantastic in the summer sun! Ultimately, you need to be comfortable and confident in your new swimwear and this is incredibly simple to achieve regardless of your both your size and shape. So with this in mind, let’s look at some of the best plus sized female swimwear options for you.


Best Swimwear and Swimsuits for Plus-Size in 2023

A popular choice for many women is the classic swimsuit. This is less revealing than a bikini and will give you plenty of coverage whilst creating a flattering look. Designs that feature a pattern down the centre of one-piece suit with coloured panels either side will elongate your body and give the impression that you are taller. This style of swimwear is also perfect for nipping in your waist and helping you to achieve a more controlled and defined hourglass figure. Swimsuits which come in cup sizes will support larger busts and extenuate your assets too. For those with a smaller bust, there are plenty of padded and moulded cup options available for you to choose from. If you do fall into the larger bust category then a halter neck will offer you additional support, but remember you may want to go strapless to avoid tan lines when catching those rays. In either case, make sure that your swimsuit offers you the support you need depending on your body shape.


If you are a fan of the bikini look, then go for a plus sized design that’s got a slightly larger knicker. This relates more to the height of the bottoms rather than width, as this will enable you to turn the clothing up or down depending on your preferences and how confident you feel. Rolling the fabric down on a high-waisted bikini will allow you to top up your tan when relaxing on the sun lounger. In contrast, pulling them up will create a higher waist line which slims the stomach and looks more flattering on the thighs. Again, underwire will offer you support if you have a larger bust and help the top half of the bikini to sit comfortably on your body. A sweetheart neckline offers a simple design but looks amazing on plus size bodies. This style of bikini top offers much support to larger bust sizes in all the right places. If you’re not confident about wearing the traditional style of bikini bottoms then you can always opt for shorts for the lower half. These will still look great alongside a suitable top and will lift the bottom a little bit more – giving you additional comfort and support. If you have more weight on your thighs, then you may want to go for a bikini bottom that sits a little bit lower so that attention is drawn to the top half of your body.

Best Swimwear and Swimsuits for Plus-Size


If you prefer two parts to your swimwear, breaking away from the swimsuit design, but you want more coverage than a bikini, a tankini top is a good idea. Regardless of your body shape, this style offers you traditional separate bottoms as well as a longer and less revealing top to cover the stomach and tummy area. The tankini will also feel less restrained than the swimsuit and give you more room for the skin to breathe. Should you need extra lift, plenty of designs come with removable booster pads. Additional support for the larger bust can also be achieved with a halter neck or shoulder straps. Detachable straps will mean that you get the best of both worlds – support when you need it most and the option to unclip and tan the shoulders and neck when lying down. Again, patterned fabrics and vertical stripes are excellent for creating a slimming effect so try on a number of styles before you commit to buying. Many women view this style as a more fashionable alternative to the traditional swimsuit which offers plenty of coverage too.

Shape Control Swimwear

If you want your figure to be more defined, then plus size shape control swimming costumes are a great option to invest in. Layers underneath the swimwear bring in the waist and help to provide extra tummy control. The material under the costume is made from heavier fabric so it still offers that silky comfortable feel, whilst enhancing your figure, giving you great support and making you look and feel fantastic. Shape control swimwear is a good option for plus sized women who need a little boost of confidence before heading out to the beach at home or abroad.

Colours and Patterns

Plus Size Swimwear

Besides choosing a specific style of plus sized swimwear, colours and patterns are equally as important to consider. If you want to appear slimmer, it’s best to choose vertical lines and darker colours on those areas. For areas you want to emphasize, choose bright, bold and vibrant colours, such as yellows, oranges and greens which stand out and draw attention to those selected areas of your body. Darker side panels on a swimsuit, tankini, or swim dress will also help to define your waist, especially if you have a pattern running down the centre of your swimwear. For those with a bigger bust who want to draw attention to other areas of the body, avoid large, striking and bold patterns. Instead, opt for simplistic designs and colours which are easy on the eye. In a similar fashion, if you don’t want to draw attention to your bottom or hips, it’s best to avoid horizontal lines on the lower half of your swimwear. Consider the areas you want to emphasize and conceal and then incorporate colour and patterns into your decision process. Both of these elements can make a real difference to how you look in the sun, but rest assured it’s easy to find the perfect blend of swimwear, colours, and patterns to match your body shape. 

Beach Cover-ups

Once you’ve found the best plus sized swimwear for your body, don’t forget a cover up to accompany your summer look. Perhaps you’ll want a beach skirt, kaftan, sarong or shorts for when the weather takes a turn or when your swimwear is still out drying. These additional items can provide extra coverage as well as protection from the sun when the heat is really soaring. Cover-ups can also make your beachwear look more intriguing and extra special no matter if you’re by the pool relaxing or chilling by the sea.

So no matter what your shape or size, we have swimwear for every different body type. And when you are shopping for the best swimsuits or bikinis for plus size, don’t forget we offer free delivery and returns for all UK orders, so you can try on different styles and different size options without the hassle. You’ll find your perfect fit plus size swimsuit or bikini in a blink of an eye. You’ll go from happy shopping days to pool days in no time!

Remember that everyone’s body is different and because of this it can take time to find the right style of swimwear for your requirements. Above all else you need to feel comfortable and confident before you aim to catch the sun. Hopefully by reading this guide the decision process will be much easier as you will understand which type of clothing is right for your body. Once you’ve got your plus sized swimwear sorted, don’t forget to buy any additional cover-ups and accessories to really complete your look.

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