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Blue Leopard Print Banded Thong Bikini

Rear veiw of our sexy banded thong bikini worn by a beautiful curvy model beach girl
Banded Thong Bikini

Are you ready to prowl the beach, stalk your prey, bring out your inner most savage sensuality? This seducing banded thong will bring out your wildest side and inner most wild beauty. The fabric is a blue leopard print overlaid on a vivid blue backdrop for a totally captivating look. This featured thong bottom has a black triangular front with high hips and adjustable waist band. The matching top has fully adjustable sliding triangles with neck and back tie and full soft lining.

Sexy side view of s beautiful woman wearing a banded thong bikini with smooth athletic buttocks, and athletic body

Blue leopard print triangle bikini top with fully adjustable sliding triangles and removable padding. The sexy thong bottom features a folding waist band accented with blue leopard print fabric

Sexy high waist thong bikini with folding waist band worn by a beautiful beach bikini model.

Athletic woman with a beautiful body wearing a banded thong bikini on the beach. Beautiful and on a resort vacation.

Blue Leopard print thong bikini with adjustable waist band and rear exposing.

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