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How to Tie a Bikini Top

We know that when it comes to how to tie a bikini top, it’s not just about the design but also how you wear it. The way you tie your bikini top can make all the difference to your overall look.

That’s why we’re here to share some of our favourite ways to ensure that you feel confident every time you step onto the beach or lounge by the pool. After all, how to feel confident in a bikini depends on the way you carry yourself and the way you wear your bikini.

So, whether you’re a seasoned sun-seeker or just looking for a fresh way to wear your bikini, we’ll show you how to wear a bikini.

Ready? Let’s jump in!

Multiple Ways to Tie a Bikini Top

Based on our observations, finding the perfect way to tie your bikini top can be a game-changer for your beach look. It allows you to personalise your style while providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Let’s explore some of the stylish ways to tie a bikini top, each offering a unique twist to your beach ensemble.

Body Wrap

The body wrap is a chic and sophisticated way to tie your bikini top. Start with your bikini top untied. Hold one end of each strap and wrap them around your torso, ensuring it sits snugly against your skin.

Once you’ve wrapped it to your desired tightness, tie the ends together either at the back or the side, depending on your preference and the length of the straps.

how to tie bikini top

Our research indicates that one of the advantages of the body wrap style is its adaptability. It’s perfect for those who want a change from the traditional bikini tie without the need for a new purchase.

For those looking to try this style, the Under the Sea Reversible Longline Slide Tri bikini top from Seafolly is an excellent choice. The straps are ideal for the body wrap, and the reversible design means you get two stunning looks in one.

Butterfly Wrap

The butterfly wrap is a stylish and innovative way to tie your bikini top. This method is somewhat similar to the body wrap but with a slight twist.

Start by holding one end of the strap and wrap it around your torso. Instead of tying it immediately, create a symmetrical cutout that resembles butterfly wings. Repeat with the other strap. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, simply tie the ends together and you’re done!

If you’re interested in experimenting with the butterfly wrap style, the Retreat tri bikini top from Sea Level Australia is a splendid choice. This bikini top, with its deep blue and white floral print, is both aesthetically appealing and offers the tie-back, adjustable straps needed for such tying techniques.

Inverted Cinch

The inverted cinch is a trendy way to tie your bikini top. To achieve this look, start by flipping your triangle bikini top upside down. Once you’ve positioned the bikini top, tie the shoulder straps around your neck and the back straps as usual.

how to tie a bikini

Ready to give it a go? Grab your Liaison triangle Bikini from Maryan Mehlhorn. This bikini top, in shimmering silver and rose print, offers extra lift with its moulded push-up cups, while providing moderate coverage, topped with classy lace trim.

Strapless Knot

The strapless knot is beneficial for those who want to avoid tan lines on their shoulders. To achieve this look, turn your triangle bikini top upside down. Then, tie the top string, which usually goes around the neck, around your back. This creates a strapless look with just a few simple changes.

The Jo Severin Alicia Ring tri bikini top is the perfect choice to play around with. This bikini top, with its abstract print, is visually striking and the classic triangle design is simple enough to transform into varied styles.

Single Shoulder

For those who want to show off a bit more shoulder, this knot adds a dash of glamour to your bikini style. Begin by tying the bottom string of your bikini top as you normally would. Next, take both top strings and drape them over your left shoulder.

Securely tie these top strings to the bottom one to ensure they stay in place. The beauty of this method is its versatility; you can choose to tie the strings over whichever shoulder you prefer, allowing for a personalised touch.

For those keen on trying the single-shoulder style, the Seychelles Longline Slide tri bikini top from Seafolly is a fantastic choice. Its azure blue colour palette evokes a sense of lightness, ensuring you look and feel fabulous under the sun.

how to tie bikini

Keyhole Halter

The keyhole halter tie is a creative way to spice up your look. Start by tying it at the back. Then, take the straps that would normally go around your neck and cross them in front of your chest before fastening them around your neck.

Our findings show that this creates a halter-style look with a keyhole in the middle, offering a chic and modern twist to your swimwear.

To execute this halter style, consider the Scalloped Halter Slide Tri Bikini Top from Sea Level Australia. This top’s elegant scalloped edges and classic black colour make it a sophisticated piece. Not to mention the adjustable ties and soft padding for comfort and fit.


Tying a bikini top is more than just a functional act; it’s an opportunity to express your style. From the elegant body wrap to the modern inverted cinch, and the showy single shoulder, there’s a method to suit every beach-goer’s taste.

Remember, the way you tie your bikini top can transform your entire beach look, adding a touch of flair to your outfit. Simply Beach offers a range of high-quality swimwear that’s perfect for experimenting with different tying techniques.

So, why not try a new style the next time you hit the beach? Visit our store today and make a splash!

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