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How to Wear a Bikini

Learning how to wear a bikini for the first time can evoke a mix of excitement and nerves. We understand that this is a significant step in celebrating your body and personal style. That’s why we’re here to offer a helping hand.

From recognising the perfect fit for your body shape to choosing a design that speaks to your personal taste, we’ll equip you with the essentials to make your first bikini experience as fabulous as you are.

Got your bikini ready? Good! Then let’s get started.

How to Wear a Bikini for the First Time

As you step into this new experience, feeling confident and looking fabulous are top on the list. The key to a positive bikini experience hinges on embracing your body, understanding your unique silhouette, and growing accustomed to drawing attention.

Here are a few ways to make your first bikini experience an empowering adventure:

Find Your Body Type

Identifying your body type is a stepping stone to selecting swimwear that accentuates your features. It’s the way you learn how to feel comfortable in a bikini.


The hourglass body shape is characterized by a well-defined waist, with the bust and hip measurements being fairly equal, creating a balanced silhouette.

Based on our observations, a bikini that highlights the natural waistline while supporting the bust is ideal for this body type.

We recommend you opt for bikinis with tie-side bottoms and halter or underwired top designs as they accentuate the waist and provide the necessary support for the bust.

In line with this, the Lenny Niemeyer Emerald Adjustable Accessory Halter Bikini is a prime choice. The tie halter neck and tie back offer a customizable fit, while the snake slider detail on the halter straps adds a luxurious touch to your beach look.

how to wear bikini


The rectangle body shape is best described as an overall straight silhouette with fairly uniform measurements across the shoulders, waist, and hips. There is typically little waist definition and individuals with this body shape often have a smaller bust and bottom.

When it comes to choosing a bikini for a rectangle body shape, the main goal is to create curves or to add some definition to the body shape.

Choose halter bikinis or tops with ruffles and ruching. This can add fullness where you desire it. The Satin Fruits underwired bikini set from Charmline is a remarkable choice. This stunning teal pineapple print bikini comes with an underwired design for added support and lift.


The apple body shape generally consists of a fuller chest and midsection, an undefined waist, and slimmer legs. Our research indicates that individuals with this shape tend to have broader shoulders, a larger bust, a less defined waist, and narrower hips.

For those with this body shape, bikini tops with wider straps provide adequate support and balance out the shoulders. Additionally, high-waisted bikini bottoms or those with a control panel can offer some coverage to the midsection.

The Kalina Underwired bikini set from Roidal is a star choice. The black and white top comes with moulded underwired cups and adjustable straps while the bikini pants provide adjustable leg height and full rear coverage


The Pear body shape is distinguished by its wider hips and thighs, a more pronounced bottom, narrower shoulders, and a small to medium bust size. The goal when picking a bikini for this body shape is to direct attention upwards towards the bust and shoulders, all while highlighting the waist.

how to wear bikinis

Opting for high-waisted styles can be a tactical choice for pear-shaped bodies as they cinch at the narrowest part of the waist with the added advantage of tummy control.

Conversely, plunging V-neck tops can serve well to draw the eye towards your decolletage, aiding in offsetting the relatively smaller upper body compared to the wider lower body.

The Birds of Paradise Diamond Wire bandeau bikini top from Seafolly features a wired centre peephole that naturally focuses the eye on the upper half, balancing proportions and ensuring you feel your best as you enjoy your time by the water.

Consult Your Bestie

When venturing into the world of bikinis for the first time, having a trusted friend by your side can be immensely beneficial. Learning how to look good in a bikini requires honest feedback.

If you’re unsure about a garment’s fit or how it looks on you, a close friend can give you a genuine opinion that can help you make a confident decision.

Moreover, shopping can be a social and enjoyable activity. It’s a way to catch up, enjoy each other’s company, and indulge in a shared interest like fashion​​. 

A best friend can help you select the right colour and style as they know your preferences and how you like to look in different situations. This can help you make the right decision.

Ask Your Friend To Take A Photo Or Video

Having a friend take photos or videos of you can be very useful. It can give you a different perspective, enabling you to see how the bikini looks on you from various angles. It may reveal how the bikini fits and moves with your body, and how different postures and movements affect its appearance.

how to wear comfortable bikini

A picture can also allow you to assess the bikini’s fit and style objectively. Our findings show that it can be an eye-opener to how others might see you, helping in adjusting the bikini properly or choosing a different style that flatters your body better.

Besides, photos and videos can serve as a reference for future bikini shopping, helping you remember what styles, colours, and fits worked well for you.

Get Used To The Feeling Of People Watching You

Getting used to drawing attention can be a self-empowering experience. It can teach you to appreciate your body, and help you find what makes you feel the most comfortable and fabulous.

Over time, as you become more accustomed to wearing a bikini in public, the initial concern of being watched or judged tends to diminish.

Engaging in positive self-talk, focusing on the enjoyable aspects of your outing, and surrounding yourself with supportive friends can facilitate this process. Remember, the goal is to enjoy your time and feel good in your skin, regardless of the onlookers.

Break The Style Rules

Breaking style rules can be a liberating endeavour that opens doors to self-expression. Fashion is often seen as a form of articulating one’s individuality, and swimwear is no exception.

When you decide to break away from traditional style norms, you’re essentially allowing your unique personality and taste to shine through.

Moreover, the act of breaking style rules can also serve as a means to overcome the fear of judgment. It’s common to feel a sense of apprehension about what others might think, especially in swimwear.

However, when you embrace styles that resonate with you, regardless of conventional fashion rules, you begin to shed the fear of external judgment.

This newfound liberation can enhance your overall enjoyment and confidence at the beach or pool​.

how to wear my bikini

For instance, conventional style rules often advise against mixing different prints. However, creatively pairing different prints like stripes with florals can result in a striking and captivating look when done right.


Embracing the adventure of wearing a bikini for the first time encompasses a blend of self-discovery, self-expression, and an opportunity to boost self-confidence. Most importantly, it is a process of learning about your specific body type, from hourglass to pear, so you can find the ideal bikini for your figure.

Consulting a trusted friend, taking photos or videos, and gradually becoming comfortable with the idea of being observed can significantly enhance your bikini-wearing experience. As you venture into this exciting journey, consider exploring our exquisite collection at Simply Beach.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or wish to make a bold statement with a unique design, we have something for everyone. Peruse our different styles, and find the bikini that makes you feel fabulous on the beach.

Your perfect bikini is just a click away!

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