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Leopard Print High Thigh Thong Bikini Set

Take one of our classic triangle string bikini tops and match it with one of our high cut scoop thong bikini bottoms than add our luxuriously wild golden leopard print fabric and you have an incredibly sexy thong bikini set that will free your inner spirit.

Animal Print Thong Bikini Set
Leopard Print Thong Bikini Set

Not for the faint of heart and if you’re looking for a tame bikini, you’re in the wrong place. This thong set is going to set things ablaze. Make no mistake girls, this is a hot two piece that’s going to get you a whole lot of attention whether you want it or not. Once you slip into this sizzling two piece, there’s no place to hide, you are instantly the center of attention and the out there girl.

Again, we want to warn you, if you are looking for a quiet day at the beach or a relaxing evening in your hot tub with that special someone, THIS IS THE WRONG BIKINI FOR THE OCCASION…Things will be far from quiet or relaxing. So get ready to heat things up.

High Thigh Animal Print Thong Bikini
High Thigh Leopard Print Thong Bikini

The sliding triangle top offers fully adjustable sliding triangles with ties at the neck and back. This top is fully adjustable allowing you to show as much or as little as you want with removable padding and full lining. This top is crafted from our golden leopard fabric.

The matching scoop thong bikini bottom offers high cut legs, full lining and full thong backside with leopard print fabric.

Leopard print golden thong bikini

Get ready to love your life in this sexy leopard print thong bikini set. You will feel amazing, look sensational and leave your mark. You will be the star of the beach and the talk of the town in this sensationally sexy two piece thong bikini.

As always buy as a thong bikini set, feel free to mix and match or purchase the top or bottom individually.

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