There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy swimwear after having post-mastectomy, breast surgery. So we’ve put together a beautiful collection of mastectomy swimsuits for you to choose from.


Mastectomy Swimsuits

Mastectomy Swimsuits

We know that a lot of women can feel like they’ve lost a bit of confidence post-op, so it’s important if you are thinking of heading back to the pool, or taking a trip to the beach, that you look and feel your best. We’ve pulled together some of the best styles from the hottest designers, which are ideal for those post-surgery.


Take a look at the Aruba High Neck swimsuit from Nuria Ferrer. In this stylish swimsuit, you’ll look and feel a million dollars.



Mastectomy Swimwear

Mastectomy swimsuits need not be frumpy or unstylish. They should suit your personality and style. Our hand-picked range of mastectomy swimwear includes a plethora of great features to make you feel your best whilst wearing your swimsuit.


These features include adjustable straps, so you can really get that perfect fit. Our mastectomy swimsuits also have removable cups via the internal pockets, so they are a great option for those wanting to pop a prosthesis in. This makes the range of swimsuits a great option for women who have undergone mastectomy surgery.


The gorgeous Waterspring swimsuit from Gottex is a classic tank style but higher than normal at the front, it has both adjustable straps and removable cups.


Mastectomy Swimsuit

So come and browse our range of mastectomy swimsuits and see which one will be making it into the packing pile for your next and well-deserved holiday.

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