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The Ultimate Sexy Thong Bikini

Finding that perfect thong bikini can be such a challenge. The perfect thong bikini requires a number of characteristics that are crucial for that perfect beach vacation ready appearance, that important upcoming photo shoot or for us regular beach lovin girls a combination of the two. This is significant because we want a thong that not only looks great but looks sensational in every day photos without fail.


It must stretch in all directions. The thong must provide a full 360 degree spectrum of elasticity which will ensure full mobility of your body yet stay in place and not fold, dig in or wrinkle. Further the waist design must be able to be worn from a horizontal position to a higher thigh position depending on your body type and desired look without compromising the design.


The Ultimate Supreme Thong Bikini

The sexy Barcelona thong bikini series provides all of these critical characteristics and more. This camera loving, fashion conscious swimsuit is hand crafted out of a custom blend of lycra and nylon which not only permits it to have a full 360 degree stretch factor but is extremely resilient to wear / tear and water conditions. Typically nylon bikinis will dig in and create unsightly marks on the skin plus become very uncomfortable when put under the stress of daily movement or stressful photo shoots. When a custom blend of lycra and nylon is applied it becomes a comfortable, breathing and free form fabric perfect for professional swimsuits.


This thong offers high cut legs for an elongated thigh with a front scoop that is so desirable in today’s beach fashion world with a full double seemed soft lining. There is also a version with no lining for the more adventurous.

In addition this thong bikini is perfect for all beach sports and running. It will provide a comfortable breathable sport suite that will stay in place for those action photo opportunities.

No matter if you are a beach girl, professional model or action oriented enthusiast, this is the must have thong bikini.

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