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Thong Underwear? A Do or a Don’t

Before getting into the main topic let me just brief you about what exactly thong underwear is. It is an undergarment that contains a thin waistband, has a triangular piece of cloth to cover the front and a thin string that lies between the buttocks that connect the waistband with the crotch of the garment. Now we want to analyse if thong underwear is a do or a don’t for us. As women come in different beautiful body shapes so do thongs, such as cheeky thongs, G-strings or tanga. But at end of the day, you should feel sexy and comfortable because that is what matters the most.

Benefits of Wearing a Thong:


Often women wonder if thongs are really comfortable. They can be the best match with yoga pants, fitted skirts and bodycon dresses as it helps avoid panty lines. Also, they come in several fabrics so you can choose according to your preference. There’s satin, with sexy lace detailing for special occasions or cotton for everyday wear and polyamide for a seamless & butter-soft look and feel. So choose them according to the occasion & personal preference.

No more visible panty lines:

No More Panty Line

Oh my god, you look gorgeous in that bodycon dress but your panty lines are showing. Wearing a thong underneath such dresses will help you avoid those. This is one of the biggest reasons why women invest in quality thongs. Since they are made from thin fabrics, the edges are not raised and the thong fits on your body like a second skin. Not just bodycon dresses, but thongs can also be worn underneath fitted pants & skinny jeans. Thongs make sure there are no visible panty lines and save you from embarrassment.

They’re super sexy:

Thongs are really sexy and they offer almost no rear coverage. Thongs enhance your sex appeal, self confidence and make you feel super sexy, no matter what you wear over it. You can run your whole day effortlessly, while exuding confidence and sexiness with a thong.

Enhances your figure:

Now that you’ve done all that squatting, it’s time to flaunt that booty. Wearing a thong can help you enhance your figure. A thong will let you show the natural shape of your body in fitted clothes.

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Drawbacks of Wearing a Thong

Chafing, cutting and discomfort:

While most women find thongs completely comfortable, some have complained that the string at the back can be a bit of discomfort for some women if worn for a longer period of time. Since most women are habitual with having more coverage, they might find it difficult to adjust to almost no coverage that thongs offer. Nonetheless, thongs are an essential part of every women’s wardrobe. 


Often, thong strings presses between your butt. This can get infected with bacterial micro germs and colonies. When the strip moves to and fro, there is a possibility of transferring bacteria from the anal region to vulva, resulting in vaginal infection.

Not period friendly:

Thongs are not suitable panties during menstruation time. When you’re slaying in a thong, there isn’t any crotch space to stick a pad or a panty liner. They will not stick to their place & keep moving around. Since the coverage is also less, there is practically no space for a pad or panty liner. So during your menstruation cycle, you can switch to panties that offer higher coverage & comfort so that you stay clear of infections & discomfort. 


After being pressed on your hips all day, there can be unpleasing indentations on your skin for sure. From this perspective normal full coverage panties are more protective compared to thongs.


There are pros to wearing a thong that inevitably comes with some cons too. If you want to be safe and reduce your chances of getting infections, you should consider working with breathable & comfortable thongs. It’s the best way to go. No matter what we wear but at the end of the day we should be comfortable, that’s all that matters.

Ranita Mukherjee

Ranita Mukherjee

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