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What Are Period Panties & Why Should You Own One?

We have a bittersweet relationship with periods. While we wait for their arrival, we also dread it as “that time of the month” (yes, the phrase is still widely used) is the worst. You have to rush to the grocery stores for sanitary pads and tampons. Oh, the pads! they can be annoying, adding to your period stress and excruciating days.

However, there is a solution to make this time bearable. Curious to know what it is – period panties. They have changed the lives of many women around the world. There is also variety in period panties – high-waisted shorts or briefs, swimsuit format, for regular or excessive flow. 

Period panties go by multiple names like period underwear, period underpants, and menstrual panties. No matter what the name is, the function remains the same. 

How do period panties work?

Period panties are not your regular panties. They are made up of absorbent material (mainly cotton) that can absorb flow worth two tampons. There are multiple layers (two, three, or even four sometimes). The first layer acts as a moisture barrier to keep you all dry, comfortable, and odour-free. The next layer absorbs the period’s blood and prevents any leakage (no worries about staining now). The third layer is for additional protection.     

Pads or panties? Not really a tough choice

It is a no-brainer – you must go with panties when there is a choice between pads and panties. Period panties have a superior design as the middle layer (unlike pads) stores the blood and are sandwiched between two layers. You wouldn’t feel damp, getting comfort at its best. 

Why should you switch to period panties? 

Are you sceptical about trying these panties? Well, you are not alone. Everyone is a sceptic until they try them. Once you try them, you’d fall in love with them. 

Here are some reasons you would want to add period panties to your period self-care:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

Do you know how much waste single-use pads and tampons create? They end up in rivers, lakes, and oceans if not disposed of properly. Even when disposed of properly, they get accumulated in landfills. Single-use period items take their toll on the environment. It is time you play your part and make a step towards switching to sustainable options. 

  • Comfort and convenience 

One of the plus points of period panties is that they can stay on longer than tampons and pads. The convenience they give during long meetings, travelling, or even a date is really the true bliss. Frequent visits to restrooms – what is that?

Many women find period panties more comfortable than pads and tampons. They don’t dig or pinch into your skin. A rash-free period is what every woman wants. 

  • Leak protection and stain prevention

How many times do your cute panties get ruined by bloodstains? Quite many, right? It is something that happens more often than you recognize. But, it is now time to say goodbye to those times. With period panties, you don’t have to worry about ruined panties. 

No need to repeat old and stained undies during the menstrual cycle. You must be God’s favourite if you say you don’t have your old undies in some corner of your underwear drawer for heavy flow days. Those are about to become a distant memory with period panties. 

  • Sleep worry-free

Sleeping while on your period is truly a challenge. You have to wake up at night (some nights, every hour) to check for a leaked pad or tampon. With period panties, you can have a blissful good night’s sleep like a baby without any interruptions. 

  • Save some cash

Period products cost you thousands of dollars during your menstrual life. Switching to period panties costs you way less as they are reusable. Use panties after washing them just like your regular panties. 

Choose the right period panty 

Period panties can be – light or highly absorbent. 

Choosing the best period panties depends on your flow and panty size. For heavy flow, briefs or boy shorts with high absorbent power are an excellent choice. For sizing, a size chart is there to help you. 

Period panties are available in different styles, colours, and designs. 

Using period panties

Change can sometimes be hard. Buy a pair or two of period panties at first. The first thing one needs to do after getting their period panties is to wash them. 

Caring for period panties

For washing period panties, run cold water through them and get rid of most of the blood. Use the soap you use for other delicates like your lingerie if you hand-wash them. But if there is a machine wash, instructions come along to follow.  

Period panties work wonders and can replace the use of pads, tampons, liners, or even cups. Moreover, you can wear period panties for extra protection. 

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