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Thong Vs Bikini Panty

From slaying in a sexy bodycon dress on a date night to lounging around in the most comfortable PJs, there’s a perfect outfit for every occasion, with tons of styles, colours, and fabrics to choose from. But If you don’t know the right underwear to pair with the correct outfit, it can totally mess up your look. Think of this: you wore a cotton undie under that hot satiny bodycon dress and oouch! The panty line is peeking through, ruining the whole look. If only you had worn a thong, everything would have been flawless.

But, do you know, that women prefer bikini panties over thongs? Because for running, jumping, or sitting all day long, some women feel discomfort in thongs. In these situations, bikinis will be your BFF for giving you more coverage and, of course, comfort.

So now the question is, thongs or bikini panties? No worries, we’ve got you covered in today’s blog. We’re going to differentiate thongs from bikini panties. By the end, you’ll be a pro at picking the perfect panty for anything you put on.

what is a thongThe purpose of a thong is to eliminate ugly visible panty lines and offer a flattering silhouette. 

A thong has a triangle fabric in the front and a thin strap in the back which sits between your butt cheeks. It is crafted to give you a barely-there look and sensation, ensuring a sleek and seamless experience. 

Types of Thongs

Thongs come in all sorts of styles and fabrics, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re 

very bold to don the hottest styles like a G-string or C-string, or something cute and cheeky like cotton printed thongs, or a romantic girl who is up for lacy bridal styles. 

Right Fabric for Thongs As Per Occasions

Fabric defines the look & feel of any underwear, hence you should choose fabric thoughtfully according to occasion.

Lace: Speaking of fabric, lacy thongs are super sexy and perfect for spicing things up on special nights. But they might not be the comfiest underwear for everyday wear.

Cotton: That’s where cotton thongs should be your go-to for staying comfy all day while eliminating the visible panty lines. Cotton is the best fabric for thongs because it’s breathable and natural yarn. 

Polyamide: If you want to choose something softer & smoother than cotton go with polyamide. It feels like a second skin and is more stretchable than cotton.

Powernet: For a barely-there look and sensation go for a powernet thong. Powernet fabric is soft and breathable but is not recommended for daily wear.

Right Outfit to Pair With Thongs

For all those body-hugging outfits & skinny bottoms you need thongs for no VPL. Here’s a list of clothes that should be worn with thongs:

  1. Bodycon dress 
  2. Pencil skirt
  3. Satin Slip Dress
  4. Skinny pair of denim
  5. Yoga pants and tights

But no matter how hot the thong is you still might not want to wear it daily. So bikini panties would be the best for you. 

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What is a Bikini Panty?

bikini pantyLet’s be real, thongs are perfect for avoiding panty lines, but if you want both comfort and style, go for bikini panties. They’ve got extra coverage in the back and are perfect for sitting all day, jumping around, walking for miles and dancing for hours. With a low-rise design, bikini panties sit below your navel while offering the required coverage at the back. 

Types of Bikini Panty

Bikini panty comes in 3 different styles; depending upon your outfit choose the style:

  1. Low-Rise Bikini Panty: If you’re wearing low-waist jeans, trousers, or skirts, then a low-rise bikini panty will be more suitable for you.
  1. Mid-Rise Bikini Panty: A mid-rise bikini panty is a great option if your outfit sits below your navel. 
  1. High-Cut Bikini Panty: When you have side bulges or potbelly, a high-rise bikini panty would be the best option to cover those bulges and instantly flatter the figure. 

Right Fabric for Bikini Panty

Like thongs, bikini pants are also available in cotton, lace, polyamide and powernet giving you a wide variety of choices to match with any kind of outfit you wear.

How is a Bikini Panty Different from a Thong?

Did you catch the difference? Thongs are the best for being invisible under tight clothes, and bikini panties are your go-to for everyday comfort.

Style / Attributes Bikini Thongs
Coverage Medium rear coverage No rear coverage
Occasion Daily wear Special occasions
Benefits All day comfort No VPL (Visible Panty Lines)
Outfits Low-rise bottoms Body-hugging outfits & Skinny bottoms

Now You Decide Whether a Bikini or a Thong

Now that you finally have the knowledge that you need about bikinis and thongs, it’s time to explore. Clovia has all kinds of thongs, from G-string T-front and V-string to cheeky, and all styles of bikini panties, in different fabrics like cotton, lace, polyamide, modal, satin, and silk.

So that is it, ladies. Now that you’re a pro at panties, go check out the styles and slay in any outfit, be it for everyday wear or a sexy date night.

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