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Top 5 Bridal Lingerie to Spice up Your Honeymoon

Are you a bride-to-be? Are you getting married soon and need those perfect bridal lingerie sets for your honeymoon to blow your hubby’s mind away on your marriage night? With your wedding date coming closer, it is the best time to plan sexy lingerie for your honeymoon. Shopping for wedding and honeymoon lingerie can be quite a memorable experience, but be sure to choose the right one- something that you will be able to pull off confidently and with comfort & ease. 

Here’s a list of sexy lingerie options from Clovia’s bridal collection truly worth considering to perk up the excitement.

1. Babydoll

There is no denying that there is something about babydolls that will definitely make your man go weak in the knees. The gorgeous designs, sheer fabric, smooth satin and intricate details are some of the reasons that make them so utterly sexy. If you want to reveal your naughty side and take your man by surprise, it’s time to invest in babydolls and add some spice to your nights.

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2. Sexy Nighty & Robe

You just can’t do without a sexy robe paired with a sultry sheer nighty on your honeymoon. After all, don’t you want to add some mystery to your bedroom attire? Throw on a robe over your sexy lingerie to add a layer of mystery. For that extra surprise, you can wear a beautiful babydoll or naughty nighty in exquisite fabrics such as satin or lace. Let your partner delve in the pleasure of curiosity.

3. Push-Up Bra

Whether you wish your breasts were fuller or want an attractive cleavage, a push-up bra is the ultimate solution. It makes your breasts look beautiful and perkier while giving you a natural lift and a gorgeous cleavage. To keep your underfashion game strong, you can pair the bra with a matching brief.

4. Balconette Bras

Lacy balconette bras are a great addition to your bridal trousseau. Balconette bras offer a rounded appearance while revealing the upper half of the breasts. They also provide a gentle lift to enhance the cleavage. If you haven’t tried them already, this would be a great time to!

5. Sexy Panties

Now that you’ve found your better half, it’s time to invest in your bra’s better half: panties! Avoid wearing regular panties on your first night or honeymoon. Make it extra special with designer sexy panties that come in intricate designs, sheer details and side strings. After all, you would want this night to be super memorable.

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Now that you know everything you need for your underfashion wardrobe, it’s time you get splurging on our bridal collection.